Against Activists

عربدة مستوطنين 1-7-2015Riots by Settlers 1-7-2015התפרעויות המתנחלים 01-07-2015Yerleşimcilerin Saldırıları 1-7-2015 Хулиганские действия израильских поселенцев 1-7-2015

Riots by Settlers 1-7-2015

Ramallah: dozens of Israeli settlers tried, on Tuesday evening, storming the village of Al-Mgayer east of Ramallah, the head of the village council Faraj Alna'san said that dozens of settlers ... Read More →
اعتداء على متضامنين 1-5-2015Assaults on Foreign Activists 1-5-2015התעללות במזדהים  01-05-2015Нападение на активистов 01-05-2015

Assaults on Foreign Activists 1-5-2015

Ramallah: Dozens of Palestinian citizens and foreign activists suffered injuries after Israeli forces attacked them at the weekly protest of Bul'een near Ramallah. Ramallah: A Spanish foreign activist suffered suffocation injuries ... Read More →
اعتداءات على متضامنين 9-4-2015Assaults on foreign activists 9-4-2015הפרות הכיבוש נגד המזדהים 09-04-2015Нападения на религиозные святыни 04-09-2015

Assaults on foreign activists 9-4-2015

Ramallah: Israeli forces suppressed a protests organized by Palestinians and foreign activists against an Israeli Marathon held in the West Bank on a road leading from Nablus to Ramallah. Israeli ... Read More →
بيت سيليم: سكان الخليل يقبعون تحت الإغلاق، ازدياد التقارير حول المسّ بالممتلكات في إطار حملات الاعتقالHebron District and its 680,000 residents under closure: increasing reports of property damage in arrest raids680 אלף תושבי מחוז חברון בסגר זה היום השלישי, מתרבים הדיווחים על פגיעה ברכוש במסגרת מבצעי מעצר

Hebron District and its 680,000 residents under closure: increasing reports of property damage in arrest raids

Hebron District and its 750,000 residents under third day of closure: increasing reports of property damage in arrest raids Israeli security forces must do all in their power to locate the ... Read More →
الخليل - اعتقال مدنيين - 11-04-2014Hebron - Arrests of Civilians - 11-04-2014עצורים - 11-04-2014

Hebron – Arrests of Civilians – 11-04-2014

The Israeli occupation forces arrested four foreigner solidary activists, and assaulted other activists by beating when they suppressed a march refusing to establish a new outpost in the building of ... Read More →
نابلس - جرح مدنيين - 11-04-2014Nablus - Injuries of Civilians - 11-04-2014פצועים - 11-04-2014

Nablus – Injuries of Civilians – 11-04-2014

Dozens of citizens were suffocated severely after the Israeli soldiers fired tear gas canisters on a peaceful march in Qaryout village in Nablus governorate. The soldiers intercepted hundreds of young ... Read More →
رام الله - جرح مدنيين - 11-04-2014Ramallah - Injuries of Civilians - 11-04-2014פצועים - 11-04-2014

Ramallah – Injuries of Civilians – 11-04-2014

A French solidarity was injured by a bomb that hit her head, in addition to dozens of people suffered from suffocation after the occupation suppressed the peaceful march in An-Nabi ... Read More →