Against Agriculture

اعتداءات زراعية 08-05-2016Attacks on agricultural lands 08-05-2016פגיעה בחקלאות 08-05-2016

Attacks on agricultural lands 08-05-2016

Qalqilya: the occupation razed today 50 dunums in Kafr Qaddum village, east of Qalqilya, and uprooted olive trees, 50 trees belonging to each of: Abdul Latif Shteiwi, and Juma’a ... Read More →
اعتداءات زراعية  10-11-2015Assaults on Agricultural Lands 10-11-2015פגיעה בחקלאות  10-11-2015Tarım Kanunu İhlalleri 10-11-2015 Нападение на сельскохозяйственные земли 10-11-2015

Assaults on Agricultural Lands 10-11-2015

IOF demolished wells in the town of Te'enek near Jenin owned by Emad Mohammad Ismael, Suliman Salman ZXyoud and No'man Jaradat. Those wells provide water to the towns of Te'enek, ... Read More →
اعتداء على أراضي زراعية 28-09-2015 Attacks on Agricultural Lands 28-09-2015 פגיעה בחקלאות  28-09-2015Tarım Arazilerine Saldırıları

Attacks on Agricultural Lands 28-09-2015

Salfeit: Zionist occupation authorities told farmers of Qarawat Bani Hassan, in Salfit, to remove 140 olive trees located in As-Safar area near Ammar well in the territory of the town. ... Read More →
عربدة مستوطنين 9-9-2015Riots by Settlers 9-9-2015התפרעויות המתנחלים  09-09-2015Yerleşimcilerin Saldırılar 9-9-2015 Хулиганские действия израильских поселенцев 9-9-2015

Riots by Settlers 9-9-2015

Nablus: Settlers burned dozens of agricultural lands in the town of Bureen. Read More →
اعتداءات زراعية 8-9-2015Assaults on Agriculture 8-9-2015פגיעה בחקלאות  08-09-2015Tarımsal Saldırılar 8-9-2015 Урон сельскому хозяйству 8-9-2015

Assaults on Agriculture 8-9-2015

Bethlehem: IOF swept agricultural lands in the town of Artas and the area of Jabal Abu Zaid. Bethlehem: Israeli army swept an agricultural road in the town of Rashaydeh near Bethlehem. Read More →
اعتداءات على الأراضي 30-08-2015 Attacks on lands 30-08-2015פגיעה בחקלאות  30-08-2015 Tarım Saldırıları 30-08-2015

Attacks on lands 30-08-2015

Bethlehem: The occupation authorities continue to blow up rocks in the mountains adjacent to Wadi Fukin village, west of Bethlehem, specifically along the settlements' Tzur Hadassah 'and' batar Illit' that ... Read More →
اعتداءات زراعية 5-7-2015Assaults on Agricultural Land 5-7-2015פגיעה בחקלאות 05-07-2015Tarım Saldırıları 5-7-2015

Assaults on Agricultural Land 5-7-2015

Salfit: Settlers swept away agricultural lands located in the towns of Kofr al-Deek, Deer Balout and Raffat, to the west of Salfit. Read More →
اعتداءات زراعية 16-6-2015Assaults on Agricultural Lands 16-6-2015פגיעה בחקלאות  17-06-2015Tarımsal Saldıraları 16-6-2015Нападение на  сельскохозяйственные земли 16-6-2015

Assaults on Agricultural Lands 16-6-2015

Tubas: Israeli bulldozers uprooted hundreds of trees in the lands located to the east of Tubas. Read More →
اعتداءات زراعية 15-6-2015Assaults on Agricultural Lands 15-6-2015פגיעה בחקלאות  15-06-2015Tarımsal Saldıraları 15-6-2015Нападение на сельскохозяйственные земли 15-6-2015

Assaults on Agricultural Lands 15-6-2015

Bethlehem: IOF uprooted olive trees located in the town of Husan near Bethlehem. Hebron: IOF attacked citizens' shops in Hebron-Jerusalem St. near the town of Beet Umar. They also confiscated fruits ... Read More →
اعتداءات زراعية 14-6-2015Attacks on Agricultural Lands 14-6-2015פגיעה בחקלאות  14-06-2015Нападение на  сельскохозяйственные земли 14-6-2015

Attacks on Agricultural Lands 14-6-2015

Nablus: The occupation army bulldozers levelled 10 dunums of lands owned by the citizens in Kirbat Yanoun and Tana, south of Nablus, Read More →