Against Properties

مصادرة أراضي 13-12-2015Lands Confiscation 13-12-2015הפקעת קרקעות 13-12-2015Salfit 13-12-2015

Lands Confiscation 13-12-2015

Salfit: Tthe so-called "Directorate of properties" of the occupation authorities consifcated 30 dunums of land in Deir Estia and Jinsafut towns, west of Salfit in the northern West Bank. Local ... Read More →
مصادرة منازل 13-12-2015Homes Confiscation 13-12-2015החרמת בתים 13-12-2015Evlere El Koyması 13-12-2015

Homes Confiscation 13-12-2015

Jerusalem: The occupation authorities notified two families today, to evacuate two houses in Silwan, south of al-Aqsa mosque, claiming that Jewish settlement societies own them. A source said Ar-Rajaby and ... Read More →
اعتداءات على الممتلكات 18-10-2015 Checkpoints and Closures 18-10-2015 פגיעה ברכוש 18-10-2015 Mülkiyete Karşı İhlalleri 18-10-2015 КПП 18-10-2015

Checkpoints and Closures 18-10-2015

Jerusalem: The occupation authorities brought on Sunday sections of the barrier in Jabal Al-Mukabbir village to separate the village in occupied Jerusalem and the nearby Jewish settlement known as the ... Read More →
عربدة واعتداءات المستوطنين 16-08-2015Settler Arrogance and Attacks 16-8-2015 התפרעויות המתנחלים 16-08-2015Yerleşimcilerin Saldırıları 16-8-2015Хулиганские действия израильских поселенцев 16-8-2015

Settler Arrogance and Attacks 16-8-2015

Nablus: Security sources said that a settler ran over the child Mohammed Mustafa Najjar (10 years) from Yatma town, south of Nablus, and fled, noting that the child had a ... Read More →
عربدة مستوطنين 8-8-2015Riots by Settlers 8-8-2015

Riots by Settlers 8-8-2015

Jericho: Settlers burned a Palestinian house located near the towns of Doma and Taybeh. Nablus: Israeli settlers burned dozens of olive trees in the town of Majdal. Read More →
اعتداءات على ممتلكات 13-4-2015Assaults on Properties 13-4-2015פגיעה ברכוש 13-04-2015Mülkiyetlere Saldırıları 13-04-2015Нападения на личное имуществ 13-4-2015

Assaults on Properties 13-4-2015

Jerusalem: Israeli authorities took over equipment and materials belonging to a Palestinian store for construction materials, in the town of Hezma, under the pretext of being illegal. Read More →
اعتداءات على ممتلكات 9-4-2015Assaults on Properties 9-4-2015פגיעה ברכוש 09-04-2015Нападения на личное имущество 04-09-2015

Assaults on Properties 9-4-2015

Bethlehem: Israeli settlers started to pave a road located on the Palestinian land of Khader town, to the south of Bethlehem, near the outpost of "Sedi Bo'ez". Read More →
اعتداءات على ممتلكات 14-10-2014Assaults on Private Properties 14-10-2014פגיעה ברכוש 14-10-2014Mülkiyetlere Saldırıları 14-10-2014Нападения на имущество 14-10-2014

Assaults on Private Properties 14-10-2014

Jenin- Israeli occupation forces took over a house belonging to Waleed Masoud Abu Baker and changed it into a military post. Read More →
الاعتداء على ممتلكات 28-09-2014Assaults on Properties 28-09-2014פגיעה ברכוש 28-09-2014Mülkiyetlere Saldırıları 28-09-2014Нападение на имущество 28-09-2014

Assaults on Properties 28-09-2014

Ramallah- The occupation forces fired, during storming Surda village, a number of stun grenades and tear gas on the lands of the citizens, which led to setting trees and plantings ... Read More →
الاعتداء على ممتلكات 12-09-2014Assaults on Properties 12-09-2014פגיעה ברכוש 12-09-2014Mülkiyetlere Saldırıları 12-09-2014Нападение на имущество 12-09-2014

Assaults on Properties 12-09-2014

Jenin-The occupation forces confiscated a shipment of water pipes for the agriculture purposes from Atov area belongs to Al-I'ssa Company and funded by the UNDP. Read More →