Closure of Border Crossings

إغلاقات 28-11-2015Closures 28-11-2015	סגר 28-11-2015 Kapatmalar 28-11-2015Закрытие 28-11-2016

Closures 28-11-2015

Jenin: Israeli occupation forces prevented, yesterday evening, a citizen from A’rqah village, west of Jenin, located along the apartheid wall and 'Shaked' settlement built on the territory of the governorate, ... Read More →
اغلاقات وحواجز 21-11-2015Closures and Checkpoints 21-11-2015סגר ומחסומים 21-11-2015Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 21-11-2015Закрытие КПП 21-11-2015

Closures and Checkpoints 21-11-2015

Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces handed over two young men from Za'atara and Al-Khadir towns in Bethlehem, two communications to review its intelligence. A source said that the occupation forces handed ... Read More →
اغلاقات وحواجز 15-11-2015Closures and Checkpoints 11-15-2015סגר ומחסומים 15-11-2015Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 15-11-2015КПП 15-11-2015

Closures and Checkpoints 11-15-2015

Hebron: Israeli occupation forces closed on Saturday evening, the road of Khallit Al-Maie and Deirat villages, east of Yatta, south of Hebron by sand barriers. Hebron: Israeli occupation authorities closed all ... Read More →
 حواجز وإغلاقات 7-11-2015Checkpoints and Closures 07-11-2015סגר ומחסומים  07-11-2015 Bariyerler  07-11-2015КПП 7-11-2015

Checkpoints and Closures 07-11-2015

Hebron: Israeli occupation forces closed, yesterday evening, the northern entrance to Hebron with cement blocks and earth mounds. Hebron: Israeli troops closed yesterday evening, the entrance to Beit Kahil village, leading ... Read More →
حواجز عسكرية 13-09-2015 Checkpoints 13-09-2015 מחסומים  13-09-2015Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 13-09-2015 КПП 13-09-2015

Checkpoints 13-09-2015

Jerusalem: The Israeli forces have tightened their military presence at the entrances and roads and the central bus stations and shopping malls in the occupied city of Jerusalem till late ... Read More →
إغلاق طرق 15-8-2015Roads Closure 15-08-2015סגירת דרכים 15-08-2015Yolları Kapatmak 15-8-2015

Roads Closure 15-08-2015

Jerusalem: The occupation authorities continued to close three of Issawiya entrances, with cement blocks and dust, as a means of collective punishment against the residents of the village under the ... Read More →
إغلاقات وحواجز 03-08-2015Closure of Roads 3-8-2015מחסומים 03-08-2015Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 03-08-2015КПП 03-08-2015

Closure of Roads 3-8-2015

Hebron: IOF prevented residents of the old city of Hebron from reaching their shops. Read More →
إغلاق طرق 13-7-2015Closure of roads 13-7-2015חסימת דרכים  13-07-2015Yolları kapatmak 13-7-2015Закритие дорог 13-7-2015

Closure of roads 13-7-2015

Jerusalem: IOF deployed thousands of its soldiers in Jerusalem and closed the city in order to prevent Palestinians from reaching al-Aqsa for worshiping. Jerusalem: IOF closed the checkpoint of Qalandia. Read More →
إغلاق طرق 4-7-2015Closure of Roads 4-7-2015סגירת דרכים 04-07-2015Yolları kapatmak 4-7-2015Закрытие дорог 04-7- 2015

Closure of Roads 4-7-2015

Nablus: IOF closed the military checkpoint of Huwara near Nablus and prevented all cars and vehicles from passing under the pretext of security requirements. Read More →
إغلاق معابر 24-5-2015Closure of Roads 24-5-2015סגירת מעברים 24-05-2015Geçitleri Kapatmak 24-5-2015Закрытие дорог 24-5-2015

Closure of Roads 24-5-2015

Jenin: Israeli settlers closed al-Jalama crossing near Jenin under the pretext of celebrating Jewish holidays. Read More →