Curfew and Siege

إغلاقات 28-11-2015Closures 28-11-2015	סגר 28-11-2015 Kapatmalar 28-11-2015Закрытие 28-11-2016

Closures 28-11-2015

Jenin: Israeli occupation forces prevented, yesterday evening, a citizen from A’rqah village, west of Jenin, located along the apartheid wall and 'Shaked' settlement built on the territory of the governorate, ... Read More →
حواجز وإغلاقات 14-11-2015Checkpoints and Closures 14-11-2015 סגר ומחסומים  14-11-2015 Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 14-11-2015КПП 14-11-2-15

Checkpoints and Closures 14-11-2015

Hebron: The Israeli occupation forces closed, last night and this morning, a number of roads and entrances to towns and villages in Hebron district, with sand barriers and concrete blocks, ... Read More →
منع تجول واقتحامات 30-11-2014Curfew 30-11-2014עוצר ופשיטות על בתים 30-11-2014Sokağa çıkma yasağı 30-11-2014Комендантский час 30-11-2014

Curfew 30-11-2014

Ramallah - The occupation forces stormed Kufr Malik village and searched a house belongs to Abed Allah Rizk Zeyada and beat him, and they handed a tip to the ... Read More →
منع تجول واقتحامات	 09-11-2014Curfew 09-11-2014עוצר ופשיטות על בתים 09-11-2014Sokağa çıkma yasağı 09-11-2014Комендантский час 09-11-2014

Curfew 09-11-2014

Ramallah- The occupation forces stormed Bitunia town and A'boud village and fired towards the students and teachers at the school of the village and prevented them from entering to the ... Read More →
منع تجول واقتحامات 02-11-2014Curfew 02-11-2014עוצר ופשיטות על בתים 02-11-2014Sokağa çıkma yasağı 02-11-2014Комендантский час 02-11-2014

Curfew 02-11-2014

Nablus- The Israeli forces imposed a curfew in the southern city of Nablus, Hawara. Israeli forces closed all shops and demanded the owners to shut them down after the occupation ... Read More →
منع تجول واقتحامات 01-11-2014Curfew 01-11-2014עוצר ופשיטות על בתים 01-11-2014Sokağa çıkma yasağı 01-11-2014Комендантский час 01-11-2014

Curfew 01-11-2014

Bethlehem- The Israeli forces stormed As-Shawawrih village, east of Bethlehem and handed the two youths Mu'atasim Amjad Abu Rmeis (18 years), and Amjad U'dih Abu Rmeis, notifications to review the ... Read More →
منع تجول واقتحامات 26-10-2014Curfew 26-10-2014עוצר ופשיטות על בתים 26-10-2014Sokağa çıkma yasağı 26-10-2014Комендантский час 26-10-2014

Curfew 26-10-2014

Ramallah- The occupation forces stormed the town of Silwad, the soldiers searched a number of houses, and clashed with citizens. Jenin- The occupation forces stormed the town of Yamoun and handed ... Read More →
منع تجول واقتحامات 25-10-2014Curfew 25-10-2014עוצר ופשיטות על בתים 25-10-2014Sokağa çıkma yasağı 25-10-2014Комендантский час 25-10-2014

Curfew 25-10-2014

Tubas- The occupation forces stormed Tubas city and the town of Tammoun. Jenin- Israeli troops moved into the villages of Anza, A'jah and Arraba and suppressed the number of boys. Tulkarem- The ... Read More →
منع تجول واقتحامات	 19-10-2014Curfew 19-10-2014עוצר ופשיטות על בתים 19-10-2014Sokağa çıkma yasağı 19-10-2014Комендантский час 19-10-2014

Curfew 19-10-2014

Jenin- The Israeli occupation forces stormed Bzik area and informed the citizen Imad Nasrallah to evacuate his home which is consisted of a Bedouin house and a Barracks. Tulkarem - ... Read More →
منع تجول واقتحامات 17-10-2014Curfew 17-10-2014עוצר ופשיטות על בתים 17-10-2014Sokağa çıkma yasağı 17-10-2014Комендантский час 17-10-2014

Curfew 17-10-2014

Tulkarem - The Israeli forces stormed A'nabta town and raided the house of Mohammed Ismail Nihad 30 years. Bethlehem- The occupation forces raided Al-A'azza camp north of Bethlehem, and delivered a ... Read More →