Wounded Palestinians

إصابات 08-05-2016Injuries 08-05-2016פצועים 08-05-2016

Injuries 08-05-2016

Hebron: A citizen from Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron, Nabil Shehadeh Sabarneh, 27 years, was shot in his left foot after Israeli soldiers shot him yesterday evening in Wadi ... Read More →
إصابة فلسطينيين 18-02-2016Palestinian Injuries 18-02-2016פצועים 18-02-2016 Sivillerin Yaralanması 18-02-2016Пострадавшие палестинцы 18-2-2016

Palestinian Injuries 18-02-2016

Hebron: The laborer Aysar Shalaldeh (23 years), from Seir town, near Hebron was injured with fracture in his foot when the occupation forces attacked him on Thursday morning; a local ... Read More →
جرح مدنيين 20-12-2015Injuring Civilians 20-12-2015פצועים 20-12-2015 Sivillerin Yaralanması  20-12-2015

Injuring Civilians 20-12-2015

Jenin: A number of citizens were injured, on Sunday afternoon, with suffocation, due to inhaling tear gas during clashes with the occupation in Ya’bad town, southwest of Jenin. Tulkarem: Dozens of ... Read More →
جرح مدنيين 05-12-2015Injuring Civilians 05-12-2015פצועים 05-12-2015 Sivillerin Yaralanması 05-12-2015 Пострадавшие мирные жители 05-12-2015

Injuring Civilians 05-12-2015

Qalqilya: The child, A’qil Ramzi, 16 years, was injured with a live bullet in his left thigh and dozens were injured with suffocation, today, when the occupation forces suppressed a ... Read More →
جرح مدنيين 28-11-2015Injuring civilians 28-11-2015פצועים 28-11-2015 Sivillerin Yaralanması 28-11-2015 Пострадавшие мирные жители 28-11-2015

Injuring civilians 28-11-2015

Ramallah: Three people at least were injured with live ammunition, in clashes with Israeli forces near 'Ofer' Camp, west of Ramallah, yesterday. Bethlehem: A young man was wounded with live ... Read More →
جرح مدنيين 24-11-2015Wounded Civilians 24-11-2015פצועים 24-11-2015Sivillerin Yaralanması 24-11-2015 Пострадавшие мирные жители 24-10-2015

Wounded Civilians 24-11-2015

Nablus: IOF wounded the citizen Azmi Sahel Nafaa 23-year-old who is a student at Annajah University. Jenin: IOF fired their bullets at Palestinians who suffered suffocation injuries in the town of ... Read More →
جرح مدنيين 23-11-2015Wounded Civilians 23-11-2015פצועים 23-11-2015Sivillerin Yaralanması 23-11-2015Пострадавшие мирные жители 23-10-2015

Wounded Civilians 23-11-2015

Bethlehem: IOF wounded a number of citizens in the area of Wadi Hems and the Aidah refugee camp. Tulkarm: IOF wounded 4 citizens during clashes erupted in a university in the ... Read More →
جرح مدنيين 22-11-2015Injuring civilians 22-11-2015פצועים 22-11-2015Sivillerin Yaralanması 22-11-2015Пострадавшие мирные жители 22-10-2015

Injuring civilians 22-11-2015

Qalqilya: A young man was wounded by live ammunition in his foot when the occupation forces shot him near "Oranit" settlement, south of Qalqilya. Ramallah: A 15 years old boy was ... Read More →
جرح مدنيين 21-11-2015Injuring Civilians 21-11-2015פצועים  21-11-2015Sivillerin Yaralanması 21-11-2015Пострадавшие мирные жители 21-11-2015

Injuring Civilians 21-11-2015

Jerusalem: Dozens of youths were suffocated in clashes with Israeli troops, followed the funeral of the martyr Mahmoud Said Alian, 22 years, in A’nata town, north of Jerusalem. Ramallah: Dozens of ... Read More →
جرح مدنيين 16-11-2015Wounded Civilians 16-11-2015פצועים 16-11-2015 Sivillerin Yaralanması 16-11-2015 Пострадавшие мирные жители 16-11-2015

Wounded Civilians 16-11-2015

Bethlehem: Two citizens were wounded by Israeli fire at the northern entrance of the city. Qalqilia: Eight citizens were injured by Israeli fire during clashes erupted in the neighborhood of Naqar ... Read More →
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