Killings of Palestinians

قتل فلسطينيين 01-04-2017Killing Palestinians 01-04-2017רצח פלסטינים 01-04-2017

Killing Palestinians 01-04-2017

Nablus: Ahmed Zaher Fathi Ghazal, 17 years, from Nablus, was killed by Israeli occupation forces at the end of Al-Wad Street that leads to Al-Aqsa mosque. Read More →
قتل فلسطينيين 29-03-2017Killing Palestinians 29-03-2017רצח פלסטינים 29-03-2017

Killing Palestinians 29-03-2017

Jerusalem: Siham Ratib Nimer, 49 years, from occupied Jerusalem, was martyred on Wednesday after Israeli soldiers shot her in Bab al-Amud, allegedly for attempting to carry out a stabbing operation. Read More →
قتل فلسطينيين Killings רצח פלסטינים Убийство палестинцев


Hebron: IOF killed Morad Yousef Abu Ghazi 16-year-old from Aroub refugee camp. Read More →
قتل فلسطينيين 16-01-2017Killings 16-1-2017רצח פלסטינים 16-01-2017 Убийство палестинцев 16-01-2017

Killings 16-1-2017

Bethlehem: Israeli forces killed the citizen Qusai Omoor 17-year-old during clashes at the entrance of Taqou town. [embed][/embed] Read More →
قتل فلسطينيين 22-12-2016Killing Palestinians 22-12-2016רצח פלסטינים 22-12-2016

Killing Palestinians 22-12-2016

Ramallah: The young man, Ahmed Osman Kharroubi (19 years) from Satih Marhaba neighborhood, in Al-Beirih city, was shot dead by the Israeli occupation, on Thursday morning, during clashes in Qalandia ... Read More →
قتل فلسطينيين 26-11-2016Killings 26-11-2016רצח פלסטינים 26-11-2016 Убийство палестинцев 26-11-2016

Killings 26-11-2016

Jerusalem: Israeli soldiers killed Mohammad Nabil Zaidan 16-year-old from Shufat refugee camp. Read More →
قتل فلسطينيين 22-11-2016killing Palestinians  22-11-2016 רצח פלסטינים  22-11-2016 Убийство палестинцев 22-11-2016

killing Palestinians 22-11-2016

Nablus: Israeli soldiers executed Jihad Mohammed Saeed Khalil, 48, from the village of Beit Wazan west of Nablus at the Qalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem. Read More →
قتل فلسطينيين 19-10-2016Killings 19-10-2016רצח פלסטינים 19-10-2016Убийство палестинцев 19-10-2016

Killings 19-10-2016

Nablus: IOF killed the female citizen Raheeq Shajee Birawi 23-year-old from the town of Isira al-Shamaleyah. Read More →
قتل فلسطينيين 01-10-2016Killings 1-10-2016רצח פלסטינים 01-10-2016 Убийство палестинцев 01-10-2016

Killings 1-10-2016

Jerusalem: Israeli forces killed the citizen Naseeb Abu Mezar 28-year-old at the Qalandia military checkpoint, under the pretext of stabbing a soldier. Read More →
قتل فلسطينيين 20-09-2016Killings 20-9-2016רצח פלסטינים 20-09-2016 Убийство  палестинцев 20-09-2016

Killings 20-9-2016

Hebron: Israeli occupation forces killed a Palestinian teenager Issa Salem Mahmoud Tarayrah 16-year-old near the junction of Wadi al-Jouz of the town of Bani Naeem. Read More →
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