Land Confiscations

مصادرة أراضي 23-04-2016Confiscation of Land 23-4-2016הפקעת קרקעות 23-04-2016Arazi Işgalleri 23-04-2016Конфискация земли 23-04-2016

Confiscation of Land 23-4-2016

Nablus: Israeli authorities issued notices to take over hundreds of acres in the lands of Jaloud town, south of Nablus, as well as other lands in the towns of Tormos ... Read More →
مصادرة أراضي 29-12-2015Confiscation of Land 29-12-2015הפקעת קרקעות 29-12-2015 	Arazi Işgalleri 29-12-2015

Confiscation of Land 29-12-2015

Hebron: The Israeli Civial Administration delivered a military notice to confiscated 370 acres of beet Umer town lands. Nablus: IOF decided to confiscate hundreds of acres of Qursa and Hureesh towns. Read More →
مصادرة أراضي 24-07-2015Lands confiscation 07-24-2015הפקעת קרקעות 24-07-2015Arazileri gasp etmek 24-7-2015Конфискация земли 24-7- 2015

Lands confiscation 07-24-2015

Jerusalem: Israeli bulldozers began leveling the lands near Maale Zntim settlement in Ras al-A'amud neighborhood, east of Jerusalem's Old City in order to annex them to the settlement. Read More →
مصادرة أراضي 1-7-2015Land Confiscation 1-7-2015הפקעת קרקעות 01-07-2015Arazi Işgalleri 1-7-2015Конфискация земели 01-07-2015

Land Confiscation 1-7-2015

Ramallah: the Israeli occupation army Central Command, Rooney Nohmy, issued an order to take over 70 square meters of the Palestinian land on which the settlement of 'Migron' east of ... Read More →
مصادرة أراضي 28-5-2015Confiscation of lands 28-05-2015הפקעת קרקעות 28-05-2015Конфискация земли 28-05-2015

Confiscation of lands 28-05-2015

Jerusalem: The so-called Israeli Civil Administration decided to seize 8 dunums of land in Issawiya village in Jerusalem near the 'border police camp built on tens of dunums of Palestinian ... Read More →
مصادرة أراضي 20-5-2015Confiscation of Lands 20-5-2015הפקעת קרקעות 20-05-2015Arazi Işgalleri 20-5-2015Конфискация земель 20-5-2015

Confiscation of Lands 20-5-2015

Nablus: Israeli soldiers erected tents on lands located near Aqraba, near Nablus. These lands are fertile and planted with hundreds of acres with trees. Read More →
مصادرة أراضي 08-11-2014Land Confiscation 08-11-2014הפקעת קרקעות 08-11-2014Arazi Işgalleri 08-11-2014Конфискация земель 08-11-2014

Land Confiscation 08-11-2014

Jerusalem- The occupation authorities distributed decisions of "confiscation - seizing" 12850 dunums of lands of Beit Iksa village northwest of Jerusalem, to be used for "military purposes." Read More →
مصادرة أراضي 09-10-2014 Land Confiscation 09-10-2014הפקעת קרקעות 09-10-2014Arazi Işgalleri 09-10-2014 Конфискация земель 09-10-2014

Land Confiscation 09-10-2014

Bethlehem- The Israeli forces seized about three acres in "Sirb At-Tein" area adjacent to 'Daniel' settlement, they belong to Al-Khadir town and Nahalein village. They bulldozed the land and levelled ... Read More →
عربدة واعتداءات المستوطنين 11-09-2014Settler Arrogance and Attacks 11-09-2014התפרעות המתנחלים 11-09-2014

Settler Arrogance and Attacks 11-09-2014

Jenin- For the second day, IDF continues to prevent citizens from reaching their lands in the town of Yaabad, specially after erecting 20 military tents in the place. This prevents ... Read More →
	مصادرة أراضي 06-09-2014Land Confiscation 06-09-2014הפקעת קרקעות 06-09-2014Arazi Işgalleri 06-09-2014Конфискация земли 06-09-2014

Land Confiscation 06-09-2014

Hebron - The occupation authorities decided to confiscate about 2,000 dunums of land in the area of Ibn Zayd valley, in Ad-Dairat area, northeast of Yatta, belonging to the families: Alhmamdih, ... Read More →