Military Checkpoints

اغلاقات وحواجز 21-11-2015Closures and Checkpoints 21-11-2015סגר ומחסומים 21-11-2015Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 21-11-2015Закрытие КПП 21-11-2015

Closures and Checkpoints 21-11-2015

Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces handed over two young men from Za'atara and Al-Khadir towns in Bethlehem, two communications to review its intelligence. A source said that the occupation forces handed ... Read More →
اغلاقات وحواجز 15-11-2015Closures and Checkpoints 11-15-2015סגר ומחסומים 15-11-2015Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 15-11-2015КПП 15-11-2015

Closures and Checkpoints 11-15-2015

Hebron: Israeli occupation forces closed on Saturday evening, the road of Khallit Al-Maie and Deirat villages, east of Yatta, south of Hebron by sand barriers. Hebron: Israeli occupation authorities closed all ... Read More →
حواجز وإغلاقات 14-11-2015Checkpoints and Closures 14-11-2015 סגר ומחסומים  14-11-2015 Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 14-11-2015КПП 14-11-2-15

Checkpoints and Closures 14-11-2015

Hebron: The Israeli occupation forces closed, last night and this morning, a number of roads and entrances to towns and villages in Hebron district, with sand barriers and concrete blocks, ... Read More →
حواجز عسكرية 9-11-2015Military Checkpoints 9-11-2015מחסומים 09-11-2015Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 09-11-2015 КПП 9-11-2015

Military Checkpoints 9-11-2015

Hebron: IOF erected checkpoints at its entrances and checked Palestinians cars and their passengers causing jamming. Hebron: IOF erected a military checkpoint in the area of Wadi Saeer and check peoples' ... Read More →
 حواجز وإغلاقات 7-11-2015Checkpoints and Closures 07-11-2015סגר ומחסומים  07-11-2015 Bariyerler  07-11-2015КПП 7-11-2015

Checkpoints and Closures 07-11-2015

Hebron: Israeli occupation forces closed, yesterday evening, the northern entrance to Hebron with cement blocks and earth mounds. Hebron: Israeli troops closed yesterday evening, the entrance to Beit Kahil village, leading ... Read More →
حواجز عسكرية 31-10-2015Checkpoints 31-11-2015מחסומים  31-10-2015  Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 31-10-2015 КПП 31-10-2015

Checkpoints 31-11-2015

Hebron: Israeli forces raided several neighborhoods in Hebron and Bani Na'im village and searched homes in the Al-Aroub refugee camp. They set up military checkpoints on the city's northern entrance ... Read More →
حواجز وإغلاقات 25-10-2015Roadblocks and Closures 25-10-2015סגר ומחסומים  25-10-2015Askeri Kontrol Noktaları   25-10-2015КПП 25-10-2015

Roadblocks and Closures 25-10-2015

Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces erected, today, a military checkpoint at the western entrance to Beit Fajjar town, south of Bethlehem. Hebron: Israeli occupation forces closed today Seir town, east of Hebron, ... Read More →
حواجز عسكرية 24-10-2015Military Checkpoints 24-10-2015מחסומים 24-10-2015Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 24-10-2015 КПП 24-10-2015

Military Checkpoints 24-10-2015

Hebron: Israeli occupation forces wet up military checkpoints on Saturday morning, at the northern entrances to Hebron, and at the entrance to Seir town, northeast of Hebron, and stopped citizens’ ... Read More →
حواجز عسكرية 20-10-2015Military Checkpoints 20-10-2015מחסומים 20-10-2015 Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 20-10-2015КПП 20-10-2015

Military Checkpoints 20-10-2015

Hebron: IOF erected a checkpoint at the enrance of Khader town and stopped Palestinians cars heading to Hebron. Read More →
إغلاقات وحواجز 17-1-2015Closures and checkpoints 17-10-2015סגר ומחסומים  17-10-2015 Askeri Kontrol Noktaları 17-10-2015КПП 17-10-2015

Closures and checkpoints 17-10-2015

Ramallah: Israeli troops closed this morning, the main road leading to the villages north-east of Ramallah with sand barriers, sources said that the occupation forces closed the main road that ... Read More →
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