Settlers Terrorism

اعتداءات مستوطنين 28-05-2016Riots by Settlers 28-5-2016הפרות מתנחלים 28-09-2016

Riots by Settlers 28-5-2016

Bethlehem: Israeli settlers damaged agricultural lands located in the town of Khader in Bethlehem. Read More →
مستوطنون يهاجمون مصورًا فلسطينيًا ويصيبونه في رأسه في الوقت الذي وقف فيه الجنود بلا حراكSettlers assaulted a Palestinian videographer in Hebron, wounding him in the head, while soldiers looked onמתנחלים תקפו צלם פלסטיני בחברון ופצעו אותו בראשו בעת שחיילים עמדו מנגד

Settlers assaulted a Palestinian videographer in Hebron, wounding him in the head, while soldiers looked on

in, 4 May 2016, at around 5:00 PM, Raed Abu a-Rmeileh, 42, Saher Jaber, 23 and Abd a-Razeq a-Salaymeh, 48, were making their way home after having closed their stalls ... Read More →
اعتداء مستوطنين 04-05-2016Riots by Settlers 4-5-2016הפרות  המתנחלים 04-05-2016Yerleşimcilerin Saldırıları 04-05-2016Нападение поселенцев 4-5-2016

Riots by Settlers 4-5-2016

Hebron: The extremist Israeli settler Anat Cohen attacked students of Qortobah in Hebron in an attempt to prevent them from reaching the school. Israeli army also prevented teachers from ... Read More →
عربدة مستوطنين 26-04-2016Riots by Settlers 26-4-2016התפרעות המתנחלים 26-04-2016 Yerleşimcilerin Saldırıları 26-04-2016Хулиганские действия поселенцев 26-04-2016

Riots by Settlers 26-4-2016

Hebron: Settlers stormed Yatta town ancient park and performed provocative religious rituals amid protection from IOF. Read More →
عربدة مستوطنين 23-04-2016Riots by Settlers 23-4-2016התפרעות מתנחלים 23-04-2016Yerleşimcilerin Saldırıları 23-04-2016Хулиганские действия поселенцев 23-04-2016

Riots by Settlers 23-4-2016

Hebron: A female settler attacked a Palestinian child and a foreign activist in Hebron yesterday. The settler was identified as Hanna Cohen who is known for her continues assaults against ... Read More →
عربدة مستوطنين 26-03-2016Riots by Settlers 26-3-2016התפרעות המתנחלים 26-03-2016

Riots by Settlers 26-3-2016

Hebron: Dozens of settlers attack a housed owned by the citizen Emad Abu Shamseyah after he documented the execution of Abed al-Fatah Shareef by an Israeli soldier. Read More →
عربدة مستوطنين 18-02-2016Settlers Attacks 18-02-2016התפרעות המתנחלים 18-02-2016 Yerleşimcilerin Saldırıları 18-02-2016Хулиганские действия поселенцев 18-2-2-106

Settlers Attacks 18-02-2016

Nablus: Settlers uprooted on Thursday 30 olive and almonds trees from the Lands Jalud village, south of Nablus. Ghassan Daghlas, the officer of settlements file in the northern West Bank, ... Read More →
عربدة مستوطنين 30-01-2016Riots by Settlers 30-1-2016התפרעות מתנחלים 30-01-2016

Riots by Settlers 30-1-2016

Jenin: Israeli settlers residing in the settlement of "Mabo Dothan" uprooted trees near Jenin. Read More →
عربدة مستوطنين 03-01-2016Settler Attacks 03-01-2016התפרעות מתנחלים 03-01-2015Yerleşimcilerin Saldırıları 03-01-2016

Settler Attacks 03-01-2016

Nablus: Settlers attacked, on Saturday evening, the house of Jihad Hanani on the outskirts of Beit Furik town, east of Nablus. The settlement in the northern West Bank file official, ... Read More →
عربدة مستوطنين 28-12-2015Riots by Settlers 28-12-2015התפרעות מתנחלים 28-12-2015Yerleşimcilerin Saldırıları 28-12-2015

Riots by Settlers 28-12-2015

Ramallah: A group of settlers threw stones toward Palestinian cars passing al-Beereh – al-Jalazoun ST. Read More →