Raids in PA Territories

اقتحامات 22-05-2016Incursions 22-5-2015פשיטות על בתים  22-05-2016 Baskınlar 22-05-2016 Рейды 22-5-2016

Incursions 22-5-2015

Bethlehem: IOF stormed the town of Beet Fajar and arrested Khaleel Ayesh and Ahmad Saleem Taqatqah. Read More →
اقتحامات 17-01-2016Raids 17-01-2016פשיטות 17-01-2016

Raids 17-01-2016

Hebron: IOF raided the town of Saeer and stormed a number of houses. One of the raided houses belongs to Amjad Shalaldah, another belongs to Maher Shalaldah. Read More →
اقتحامات 12-12-2015Incursions 12-12-2015פשיטות 12-12-2015Tutuklamalar 12-12-2015  Рейды 12-12-2015

Incursions 12-12-2015

Ramallah: Israeli occupation forces stormed today at dawn, the city of Ramallah and raided the scientific library in Rukab Street, in the city center, and seized some of its contents. Bethlehem: ... Read More →
اقتحامات 17-11-2015Raids 17-11-2015פשיטות על בתים 17-11-2015Baskınlar 17-11-2015 Рейды 17-11-2015

Raids 17-11-2015

Ramallah: IOF stormed the area of Sateh Marhaba in Ramallah and fired their bullets and tear gas in the area. Bethlehem: IOF stormed the town of Jouret Shamaa and delivered the ... Read More →
اقتحامات 14-11-2015Incursions 14-11-2015 פשיטות על בתים 14-11-2015Baskınlar  14-11-2015 Рейды и Вторжения   14-11-2015

Incursions 14-11-2015

Jerusalem: The occupation forces and the intelligence stormed today at dawn several Palestinian houses in different parts of Jerusalem in search of what they called “wanted”. A source reported that ... Read More →
اعتداءات واقتحامات 7-11-2015Attacks and Incursions 07-11-2015פשיטות על בתים 07-11-2015Baskınlar 7 -11-2015Рейды и Вторжения 7-11-2015

Attacks and Incursions 07-11-2015

Jerusalem: Israeli occupation forces prevented on Saturday the civil defense crews in Anata center, in occupied East Jerusalem, from dealing with a traffic accident and saving the driver of a ... Read More →
اقتحامات 3-11-2015Raids 3-11-2015פשיטות על בתים  03-11-2015Baskınlar 03-11-2015Рейды и Вторжения 3-11-2015

Raids 3-11-2015

Hebron: IOF stormed a number of areas in Hebron and provoked Palestinians after performing military actions and checking people's IDs. Hebron: A large number of Israeli soldiers stormed the headquarters of ... Read More →
اقتحامات 31-10-2015Incursions 31-10-2015פשיטות על בתים  31-10-2015Baskınlar 31-10-2015Рейды и Вторжения 31-10-2015

Incursions 31-10-2015

Ramallah: The Israeli occupation forces stormed, yesterday evening, Kharbatha Al-Misbah village, west of Ramallah, and searched a number of houses in it. Bethlehem: Israeli forces stormed the area 'Karkafa' in Bethlehem, ... Read More →
اقتحامات 26-10-2015Incursions 26-10-2015פשיטות על בתים  26-10-2015Baskınler 26-10-2015Рейды и Вторжения 26-10-2015

Incursions 26-10-2015

Hebron: Israeli forces raided several neighborhoods in Hebron, and erected military checkpoints at the entrances to Seir and Halhul towns, and at the northern entrance to Hebron, the city, and ... Read More →
اقتحامات ومداهمات 19-10-2015Incursions and Raids 19-10-2015פשיטות על בתים 19-10-2015 Baskınlar 19-10-2015Рейды и Вторжения 19-10-2015

Incursions and Raids 19-10-2015

Jerusalem: A large group of settlers stormed the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque under tight protection of the Israeli police, which allowed settlers to enter through Al-Magharbah Gate, and the people ... Read More →
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