اعتقالات 25-04-2017Arrests 25-4-2017מעצרים 25-4-2017Арест мирных людей 25-04-2017

Arrests 25-4-2017

Bethlehem: IOF arrested Mohammed Eyad Masri 13-year-old and Khaled Hussein Daireyah 17-year-old. Qalqilia: Israeli forces arrested Mostafa Ghassan and Khaled Ali From the town of Beet Leed. Read More →
اعتقالات 23-04-2017Arrests 23-4-2017מעצרים  23-4-2017Арест мирных людей 23-04-2017

Arrests 23-4-2017

Bethlehem: IOF arrested Mohammed Jaafar Taqatqah 19-year-old, Mahmoud Abduallah Ai and Alaa Marwan Taqatqah 19-year-old. Bethlehem: Israeli forces raided the town of Housan and arrested Ismael Jameel Hamamrah, Saleh Rizq Mosa ... Read More →
اعتقالات 12-04- 2017 Arrests 12-04-2017מעצרים 12-04-2017

Arrests 12-04-2017

Jerusalem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested, on Wednesday, in Jerusalem, each of: Sabih Abu Sbeih, Mohammed al-Zghayyir, Nur Shalabi, Jihad Qus, and Rawhi Kalgasi. Bethlehem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested, On ... Read More →
اعتقالات 8-4-2017Arrests 8-4-2017מעצרים  08-04-2017 Арест мирных людей 08-04-2017

Arrests 8-4-2017

Bethlehem: IOF arrested Asaad Mohammed Abu Ahour 16-year-old. Read More →
اعتقالات 6-4-2017Arrests 6-4-2017מעצרים 06-04-2017 Арест мирных людей 06-04-2017

Arrests 6-4-2017

Ramallah: IOF arrested Malek Hamed 22-year-old from Silwad. Jerusalem: IOF arrested Deyaa Obeid and Nemer Mahmoud. Bethlehem: Israeli forces arrested Ahmad Zaal Sahouri 23-year-old from the town of Zaatara and Hussein Mahmoud ... Read More →
اعتقالات 03-04-2017Arrests 3-4-2017מעצרים  03-04-2017Арест мирных людей 03-04-2017

Arrests 3-4-2017

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Ahmad and Mohmammed Zaidani, and Sultan Sarhan from the town of Sarhan. Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested Mohammed Monazer Ateyah from al-Isaweyah. Bethlehem: IOF arrested Mohammed Sabri Zawahri from Karkafeh. Hebron: ... Read More →
اعتقالات 2-04-2017Arrests 02-04-2017מעצרים 02-04-2017

Arrests 02-04-2017

Bethlehem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested today a young man from Beit Fajjar, south of Bethlehem. The Israeli occupation forces arrested Imad Mahmoud Tqaqqa, 22 years, after raiding and searching ... Read More →
اعتقالات 29-03-2017Arrests 29-03-2017מעצרים 29-03-2017

Arrests 29-03-2017

Jerusalem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested three young men from Ras al-Amud neighborhood in Silwan in the southern part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Wednesday. They arrested Ibrahim Ammar al-Zaghal, ... Read More →
اعتقالات 25-03-2017Arrests 25-03-2017מעצרים 25-03-2017Арест мирных людей 25-03-2017

Arrests 25-03-2017

Bethlehem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested the youth Assid Hassan al-Wardian, 23 years, from Bethlehem. Read More →
اعتقالات 23-03-2017Arrests 23-03-2017מעצרים  23-03-2017Арест мирных людей 23-03-2017

Arrests 23-03-2017

Ramallah: The Israeli occupation army arrested the child Ragheb Mohammed Abdel Rahman al-Tamimi, 13 years, after raiding his family’s house in Deir Nitham village. Bethlehem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested on ... Read More →
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