قتل فلسطينيين 01-04-2017Killing Palestinians 01-04-2017רצח פלסטינים 01-04-2017

Killing Palestinians 01-04-2017

Nablus: Ahmed Zaher Fathi Ghazal, 17 years, from Nablus, was killed by Israeli occupation forces at the end of Al-Wad Street that leads to Al-Aqsa mosque. Read More →
اعتقالات 20-03-2017Arrests 20-3-2017מעצרים 20-03-2017Арест мирных людей 20-03-2017

Arrests 20-3-2017

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Istabraq Tamimi from al Ram town and Hatem Zomorod and Ahmad Naser and Mohammed Ramzi Moheesen. Ramallah: Israeli troops arrested the brothers Mohammed and Ibrahim from al-Jalazoun refugee ... Read More →
اعتقالات 09-03-2017Arrests 09-03-2017מעצרים 09-03-2017

Arrests 09-03-2017

Jerusalem: The occupation forces arrested on Thursday at dawn, Mohammed A’ahid A’lqam, after raiding his home in Shuafat refugee camp, in the center of Jerusalem. Jerusalem: The occupation forces arrested the ... Read More →
اعتقالات 01-03-2017Arrests 01-03-2017מעצרים  01-03-2017

Arrests 01-03-2017

Bethlehem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested on Wednesday at dawn, each of: Walid Dawud Al-Bustnje, from Bethlehem, and Iyad Habib Mohamed, Youssef Al-Lahham, Ismail Khalil Az-Zeer, Wasim Raouf Abu Yabis, ... Read More →
اعتقالات 20-02-2017Arrests 20-02-2017מעצרים 20-02-2017

Arrests 20-02-2017

Bethlehem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested four people from Bethlehem; they are: Shady Mohamed Fawagrih (20 years), Talal Mohammed Suleiman, 20 years, Ayman Mohammed Ismail, 21 years, from Jurat As-Shama’a ... Read More →
اعتقالات 06-02-2017Arrests 6-2-2017מעצרים 06-02-2017Арест мирных людей 6-2-2017

Arrests 6-2-2017

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Mohammed Abu Jamal 73-year-old and Emad Obesian from the town of Silwan. Ramallah: Israeli troops raided al-Jalazoun refugee camp and arrested Othman Nakhla. Hebron: Israeli forces stormed ... Read More →
اعتقالات 05-02-2017Arrests 5-2-2017מעצרים  05-02-2017Арест мирных людей 5-2-2017

Arrests 5-2-2017

Bethlehem: IOF raided al-Khader town and arrested two brothers, Ahmad Rashad Issa 25-year-old and his brother Mohammed 27-year-old. Soldiers also arrested Qusai Ahmad Issa 22-year-old. Bethlehem: Israeli forces arrested Ahmd ... Read More →
اعتقالات 30-01-2017Arrests 30-01-2017מעצרים  30-01-2017 Арест мирных людей 30-01-2017

Arrests 30-01-2017

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Mahmoud Mohammed Taha, Ahmad Issa Mansour, Hamad Naser Khdour, Mohammed Abed and Raafat Hazaleen. Ramallah: Israeli troops arrested Mohammed Abed al-Raheem Mahdi 24-year-old from the town of ... Read More →
اعتقالات 26-01-2017Arrests 26-1-2017מעצרים 26-01-2017 Арест мирных людей 26-01-2017

Arrests 26-1-2017

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Mohammed Bakri after demolishing his house. Bethlehem: Israeli forces arrested Yousef Izzat Abu Deyah 20-year-old from the town of Taqou. Nablus: Israeli troops arrested Hozayfa ... Read More →
اعتقالات  24-01-2017Arrests 24-1-2017מעצרים  24-01-2017 Арест мирных людей 24-01-2017

Arrests 24-1-2017

Jerusalem: Israeli forces raided al-Aisaweyah town and arrested Mohammed Kayed Mahmoud, Abed al-Qader Dari, Nadim Safadi and Khaled Abu Ghush. Ramallah: IOF arrested the activist Abdullah Abu Rahma. Ramallah: Israeli troops raided ... Read More →
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