اعتقالات 14-01-2017Arrests 14-1-2017מעצרים  14-01-2017Арест мирных людей 14-1-2017

Arrests 14-1-2017

Salfit: Israeli forces arrested two citizens from the town of Iskaka. Read More →
اعتقالات 11-01-2017Arrests 11-1-2017מעצרים 11-01-2017 Арест мирных людей 11-01-2017

Arrests 11-1-2017

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested Karam Oswesat , Radi Owesat and Adham Owesat. Ramallah: IOF arrested Ali Rimawi 26-year-old from the town of Beet Reema. Bethlehem: Israeli forces arrested Loay Haseb Omoor, Abdullah ... Read More →
اعتقالات 24-12-2016Arrests 24-12-2016מעצרים 24-12-2016

Arrests 24-12-2016

Qalqilya: Israeli forces arrested the youth Abdul Rahman Moussa Ali after beating him during the repression of a peaceful demonstration to condemn the settlement in Kafr Qaddum village, northeast of ... Read More →
اعتقالات 29-11-2016Arrests 29-11-2016מעצרים 29-11-2016 Арест мирных людей 29-11-2016

Arrests 29-11-2016

Ramallah: Israeli soldiers arrested Mohammad Rizq Hamed from the town of Silwad. They also arrested Jaafar Abed al-Hafeez Tamimi 17-year-old, Mohammad Jamal Tamimi 21-year-old, Loay Deyab Tamimi 14-year-old and ... Read More →
اعتقالات 14-11-2016Arrests 14-11-2016מעצרים  14-11-2016 Арест мирных людей 14-11-2016

Arrests 14-11-2016

Bethlehem: IOF arrested the child Mohammad Ibrahim Abu Yabes 15-year-old from the town of Housan. Hebron: Israeli forces arrested Ahmad Ismael Ghunemat 52-year-old, Osama Mustafa Makhamreh, Shadi Zain, Mohammad Mahmoud Awad ... Read More →
اعتقالات 31-05-2016Arrests 31-5-2016מעצרים 31-05-2016Tutuklamalar 31-05-2016Арест мирных людей 31-5-2016

Arrests 31-5-2016

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Mohammed Issa Mansour 22-year-old, Ibrahim Issa Mansour 19-year-old and Mohammed Ali Mansour 22-year-old. Bethlehem: Israeli army arrested Deyaa Hassan Badan 16-year-old from the town of Taqou. Hebron: Israeli forces ... Read More →
اعتقالات 22-02-2016Arrests 22-2-2016מעצרים 22-02-2016 Tutuklamalar 22-02-2016Арест мирных людей 22-2-2016

Arrests 22-2-2016

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Mohammed Abed al-Raoof Mahmoud 16-year-old from the town of Isaweyah. Jerusalem: IOF arrested Mohammed Sameer Deereyah 19-year-old from the town of Beet Fajar near Bethlehem. Jenin: IOF arrested Saber ... Read More →
اعتقالات 17-02-2016Arrests 17-02-2016מעצרים 17-02-2016Tutuklamalar 17-02-2016Арест мирных людей 17-2-2016

Arrests 17-02-2016

Jerusalem: The occupation forces arrested two minors from Silwan tpwn, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied city of Jerusalem, namely: Taha Abu Tayeh, and Uday Abu Tayeh, both aged ... Read More →
مصادرة أراضي 13-12-2015Lands Confiscation 13-12-2015הפקעת קרקעות 13-12-2015Salfit 13-12-2015

Lands Confiscation 13-12-2015

Salfit: Tthe so-called "Directorate of properties" of the occupation authorities consifcated 30 dunums of land in Deir Estia and Jinsafut towns, west of Salfit in the northern West Bank. Local ... Read More →
اقتحامات 26-10-2015Incursions 26-10-2015פשיטות על בתים  26-10-2015Baskınler 26-10-2015Рейды и Вторжения 26-10-2015

Incursions 26-10-2015

Hebron: Israeli forces raided several neighborhoods in Hebron, and erected military checkpoints at the entrances to Seir and Halhul towns, and at the northern entrance to Hebron, the city, and ... Read More →