اعتقالات 08-03-2017Arrests 08-03-2017מעצרים 08-03-2017

Arrests 08-03-2017

Jenin: The Israeli occupation forces arrested last night, the youth Zakaria Mohamed Ahmed Ka’biyya from Jenin refugee camp, at a military checkpoint near Ya’bad town. Jenin: The Israeli occupation forces arrested, ... Read More →
اعتقالات 02-03-2017Arrests 02-03-2017מעצרים 02-03-2017

Arrests 02-03-2017

Jerusalem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested on Thursday, the youth Mohammed Waheed al-Khatib, from Hizma town, north-east of Jerusalem. Tubas: The Israeli occupation forces arrested on Thursday at dawn, the youth ... Read More →
اعتقالات 17-01-2017Arrests 17-1-2017מעצרים 17-01-2017 Арест мирных людей 17-1-2017

Arrests 17-1-2017

Jerusalem: Israeli forces raided Shufaat refugee camp and arrested Ward Shekh Ali, Osaid Hassan Ali, Mohammed Fasfous, Issa Mohammed Ali, Issa Derbas, Mohammed Jabri and Ihab Mohammed Suliman. Jenin: IOF arrested ... Read More →
اعتقالات 11-11-2016Arrests 11-11-2016מעצרים  11-11-2016 Арест мирных людей 11-11-2016

Arrests 11-11-2016

Jenin: Israeli forces arrested AAUJ student Majd Baajawi after storming his house in the town of Yaabad. Tubas: Israeli forces arrested ex-detainee Nader Sawafta. Nablus: IOF arrested Mohammad Hamdi from Ein al-Maa ... Read More →
اعتقالات 01-11-2016Arrests 01-11-2016מעצרים 01-11-2016 Tutuklamalar 01-11-2016Арест мирных людей 1-11-2016

Arrests 01-11-2016

Nablus: IOF arrested Mahmoud Labeeb Haj Mohammed 28-year-old, Nabil Labeeb Haj Mohammed 42-year-old and Abed al-Rahman Fawzi Haj Mohammed 28-year-old from the town of Talfeet. Jenin: Israeli forces arrested ... Read More →
اعتقالات 07-10-2016Arrests 07-10-2016מעצרים 07-10-2016

Arrests 07-10-2016

Hebron: Israeli soldiers arrested, on Thursday night, the youth Uday Awad Issa Makhamreh (18 years) from Yatta town, south of Hebron. Jenin: Israeli occupation forces arrested the youth Wisam Ayed Khamaiseh ... Read More →
اعتقالات 06-10-2016Arrests 06-10-2016מעצרים 06-10-2016

Arrests 06-10-2016

Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces arrested on Thursday, the youth Basil Ibrahim Mezher, 23 years, from Deheishe Camp, South Bethlehem. Hebron: Israeli occupation forces arrested on Thursday, 'Abdul Rahim Mustafa Abu Awwad, ... Read More →
اعتقالات 14-07-2016Arrests 14-07-2016מעצרים  14-07-2016 Арест мирных людей 14-07-2016

Arrests 14-07-2016

Tubas: Israeli occupation forces arrested a young man from Tubas at a military checkpoint on Ramallah road, a source said that the occupation arrested the young man Mu’ein Daraghmeh. Nablus: Israeli ... Read More →
اعتقالات 05-07-2016Arrests 05-07-2016מעצרים 05-07-2016 Арест мирных людей 5-7-2016

Arrests 05-07-2016

Jerusalem: The occupation forces arrested today at dawn, at least six citizens, from different parts of the occupied city of Jerusalem, and took them to detention and investigation centers in ... Read More →
اعتقالات 26-06-2016Arrests 26-06-2016מעצרים 26-06-2016 Арест мирных людей 26-06-2016

Arrests 26-06-2016

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Saleh Bader Abu Asab and Mohammed Naseef. Ramallah: Israeli forces arrested Eid Talaat Remawi from Ramallah. Jenin: IOF arrested Saed Thabet Abu Obeid 36-year-old. Tubas: Israeli army arrested Rabee Mustafa ... Read More →