اعتقالات 09-03-2017Arrests 09-03-2017מעצרים 09-03-2017

Arrests 09-03-2017

Jerusalem: The occupation forces arrested on Thursday at dawn, Mohammed A’ahid A’lqam, after raiding his home in Shuafat refugee camp, in the center of Jerusalem. Jerusalem: The occupation forces arrested the ... Read More →
اعتقالات 16-2-2017Arrests 16-02-2017מעצרים 16-02-2017

Arrests 16-02-2017

Jerusalem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested on Thursday, at dawn, four citizens from I’ssawiya town, in the center of Jerusalem, including three children, they are: Khalil Nasser, and the children ... Read More →
اعتقالات 25-01-2017Arrests 25-1-2017מעצרים  25-01-2017Арест мирных людей 25-01-2017

Arrests 25-1-2017

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested Salah Hamayel from the town of Beet Eksa. Bethlehem: IOF arrested Ibrahim Suliman Mohammed Sbeeh 49-year-old from the twn of Khader. Hebron: Israeli forces raided the towns of ... Read More →
اعتقالات  24-01-2017Arrests 24-1-2017מעצרים  24-01-2017 Арест мирных людей 24-01-2017

Arrests 24-1-2017

Jerusalem: Israeli forces raided al-Aisaweyah town and arrested Mohammed Kayed Mahmoud, Abed al-Qader Dari, Nadim Safadi and Khaled Abu Ghush. Ramallah: IOF arrested the activist Abdullah Abu Rahma. Ramallah: Israeli troops raided ... Read More →
اعتقالات 11-01-2017Arrests 11-1-2017מעצרים 11-01-2017 Арест мирных людей 11-01-2017

Arrests 11-1-2017

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested Karam Oswesat , Radi Owesat and Adham Owesat. Ramallah: IOF arrested Ali Rimawi 26-year-old from the town of Beet Reema. Bethlehem: Israeli forces arrested Loay Haseb Omoor, Abdullah ... Read More →
اعتقالات 04-01-2016Arrests 04-01-2017מעצרים  04-01-2016	Арест мирных людей 04-01-2017

Arrests 04-01-2017

Jerusalem: Israeli arrested Ahmad Saeed and Wesam Seder from the area of Bab Hatta. Ramallah: Israeli troops raided a number of towns and arrested Qusai Mosa Abed 18-year-old, Ahmad Abed al-Jaber ... Read More →
اعتقالات 22-12-2016Arrests 22-12-2016מעצרים 22-12-2016

Arrests 22-12-2016

Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces arrested on Thursday, the boy Yazan Nabil Deiriyya (17 years), from Beit Fajjar town, south of Bethlehem. Tulkarem: Israeli occupation forces arrested on Thursday, the youth Sanad ... Read More →
اعتقالات 13-12-2016Arrests 13-12-2016מעצרים  13-12-2016Арест мирных людей 13-12-2016

Arrests 13-12-2016

Bethlehem: IOF arrested Issa Yousef Taqatqah and Abed Sultan Taqatqah. Both of them are 14-year-old. Nablus: Israeli forces arrested Ali Mohammed Musemi and Basem Hassan Marshoud from the Balata refugee camp. Nablus: ... Read More →
اعتقالات 30-11-2016Arrests 30-11-2016מעצרים  30-11-2016 Арест мирных людей 30-11-2016

Arrests 30-11-2016

Ramallah: Israeli forces arrested Mohammad Nassar Amer 12-year-old, Rami Deeb Saleh 12-year-old and his brother Loay 12-year-old, Khader Abed al-Hafiz Tamimi 19-year-old, Mohammad Jamal Tamimi 21-year-old, Loay Abed al-Rahaman Saleh ... Read More →
اعتقالات 23-11-2016arrests 23-11-2016 מעצרים  23-11-2016 Арест мирных людей 23-11-2016

arrests 23-11-2016

Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces arrested on Wednesday Ibrahim Shafiq Qwaider, after storming his father's house in the town of Doha, west of Bethlehem. Hebron: Israeli forces arrested five citizens of ... Read More →
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