Israelis launch fundraising campaign for murderer soldier “Azaria”

In support of the organized state terrorism practiced by the Occupying Power, Israeli activists launched a fundraising campaign for the family of the murderer soldier “Aloer Izaria”, the murderer of the martyr Abdel-Fattah Sharif in Hebron on 24-3-2016. In case of depriving him from the end of service benefits, this campaign will give the soldier a part of the amount in recognition of the campaigners to the killer soldier (Azaria).

The activists were able to raise NIS 246,250, the campaign is scheduled to continue until October 1, 2017, and it is expected to result in the sum of NIS 550,000 all that is just to encourage the murderer soldier “Izaria” and to anyone who does the same in the Israeli occupation army.

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