Pictures – Occupation Authorities Prevents Farmers from Harvesting Crops to Allow Settlers to Control Them

On Monday evening, 7 July, Israeli occupation forces prevented farmers of Jalud town, south of Nablus, from harvesting wheat crops in their 250 dunums of land, forcing them out of their land, despite prior coordination, and “Israeli coordination” presence.

Daghlas pointed out that this occupation action continues for the second year. Occupation forces prevented coordination for two months last year, which led to the loss of the harvest season in full.

Jalud a-Sharqyeah lands are being place of greed for settlers of “Ish Kodesh” and “Ahaya” settlements. Occupation forces deliberately harassed the people of Jalud al-Sharqeyah and the farmers in the eastern plains, at the height of the seasons of agriculture and the harvest days, in order to force citizens to leave their lands near the settlement outposts, to make it easier for the settlers to control them.

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