As they are playing football – Occupation Army Killed four children in Gaza – the justification – by mistake –

By mistake – an easy word in the Israeli army dictionary pay no attention to the fact that four children paid their lives for it. An investigation by the military prosecution in the Israeli occupation army concluded that an Israeli occupation army plane killed four children of Bakr family on July 16, 2014 on Gaza beach during the war in Gaza, known as Operation Protective Edge.

According to the findings of the investigation, which was published by Haaretz on Sunday, 12-8-2018, one of the children was targeted by a single missile, after that, the operators of Hermas 450 aircraft were asked to provide an explanation, but they fired a second missile killing three children.

This resulted in the death of four children, they are, Zakaria A’ahid Bakir (10 years), A’ahid A’atif Bakir (10 years), Ismail Mohammed Bakir (9 years) and Mohammed Ramiz Bakir (11 years).

The so-called Israeli Attorney General, Avihai Mandelblit, refrains from responding to the views of human rights organizations against the closure of the investigation file into the deaths of Bakir’s children. Thus, the occupation army, its judicial system and its legal adviser Mandelblit are partners in a war crime that killed four children who did not commit a sin but played football on the beach.

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