Israeli Occupation Authorities Seizes 522 Dunums, South of the West Bank


In clear and huge partnership by the judicial system belonging to the state of occupation, in promoting settlement and theft of Palestinian land in favor of settlers, Israeli supreme court issued a decision claiming that  what is so-called “The Jewish National Fund” owns 522 dunums of Palestinian land located near the “Ghush Itsion” settlement, south of Bethlehem. The decision awards the settlement the “right” of building further settlement buildings, as well as confiscation of more land.

Israeli newspaper Israel Hayoum said that “the judges of the court rejected an appeal submitted by Palestinians against a previous decision issued by the central court of Jerusalem, saying that the “Jewish National Fund” of the owner of this land.

The area of the land is about 522 Dunums, on which the settlement of “Rosh Tsorim” was established, as well as offices of the settlement council belonging to the settlement of “Gush Itsion”, South of the West Bank.

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