Israeli violations against journalists for January 2015

It is noticed that the occupation forces have intensified arrests of journalists during January. Two journalists were arrested, namely: Al-Aqsa TV correspondent Ala Jabir At-Titi (arrested on 22/1), and the journalist and editor of the “Huna Al-Quds” network for Community Media Mujahid Muhammad Bani Mofleh (19 / 1).

Arresting the journalist At-Titi revealed the officially undeclared Israeli efforts heading towards preventing the work of some media organizations. The Israeli Military Court of “Ofer” charged the journalist At-Titi with “working for terrorist Hamas Al-Aqsa TV,” according to what his brother reported about what took place in hearing session held on 26/1. With the knowledge that another journalist, Mustafa Al-Khawaja, who works as a correspondent for Al-Aqsa TV in Ramallah, was arrested (released on bail) and accused with a similar charge. He is expected to appear before the military occupation court in the coming days.

The photojournalist in Wafa, Ayman Amein Nubana (29 years) was injured by a gas canister fired by the Israeli soldiers while covering a march in Kufur Qaddum on 16/1. However, the most prominent attack may have been the one that the photojournalist and filmmaker in Al-Mustaqbal Media Center and the site of Jerusalem News, Amein Hassan A’llawiyya, known as “Rami Allawyya” (42 years) was exposed to on 24/1, while returning to his home after covering a demonstration in Al-I’zariyya in Jerusalem. It seemed (the attack was preceded by shooting at Klawiyya without wounding him) that it was deliberate and organized, as the soldiers were waiting for him while he was on his way to his home after the end of the demonstration, especially since the soldiers asked him to stay away from the demonstration and leave the place.

The occupation soldiers prevented a group of journalists from completing their coverage to a peaceful march in An-Nabi Saleh village on 1/1. The occupation police and intelligence summoned the media and public relations official in the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem, Firas Yousef Dibs, on 11/1.

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