Israeli Authorities handed eviction notices to Palestinian Families in the North Jordan Valley

The so-called planning and construction in the civil administration of the occupation, accompanied by two military jeeps delivered on Thursday, 30.04.2015, written notices and other verbal notices to Palestinian families live in (8) sites in the northern Jordan Valley, namely, (Abziq, Hammamat Al-Malih, Al-Burj, Al-Mayta, Humsa Al-Fawqa, Thira’ A’wwad and Ar-R’as Al-Ahmar) and four families inhabit Al-Hadidiyya outskirts.

The number of the families that received notifications reached to (77), they are as follows:
• Khirbet Abziq (10)
• Khirbet Ar-R’as Al-Ahmar (19)
• Thira’ A’wwad (5)
• Humsa Al-Fawqa (10)
• Al-Burj (6)
• Al-Mayta (14)
• Hammamat Al-Malih (9)
• Al-Hadidiyya (4)

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