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Video – Settlers storm a Palestinian community northwest of Jericho

ارهاب المستوطنين

On Monday, 6/18/2024, colonists stormed the Arab Al-Malihat Bedouin community, northwest of the city of Jericho. Where a group of colonists, along with their flocks of sheep, stormed the gathering of the Mleihat Arabs, stormed a prayer hall there, and …


Candace Owens Tell us how many Palestinians would have to be killed for us to be allowed to use the term genocide

American TV presenter Candace Amber Owens said: “I have a problem with Israel’s supporters who say it does not practice genocide. Tell us how many Palestinians must be killed to allow us to use the term genocide.”


The right-wing Israeli government funds settlement outposts established by terrorist settlers who are subject to US and British sanctions

The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture funds random settlement outposts set up as farms in the occupied West Bank. Haaretz newspaper reported on Thursday, June 13, 2024, that the settlement outposts, which were funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, were established …


The occupation demolishes a Palestinian house in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron

Hebron 6/13/2024 – A new crime committed by the occupation aimed at deporting the Palestinians from their land, as the Israeli occupation forces demolished, today, Thursday, a house in the Badia area in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron. Local sources …


Video: Irish Member of Parliament: A world that does not see the killing of 15,000 children in Gaza is unbelievable

Thomas Gould: Member of the Irish Parliament: When we look at the videos coming from Rafah and hear the cries of the people being bombed by the Israeli occupation (men, women, children), the world that does not see the killing …


Video: Terrorist colonial gangs put severe poisons in a water tank supplied to Palestinians near Jenin

Video: A group of terrorist colonial gangs put severe poisons in a water tank supplying Khirbet Farasin, which is located in the northern West Bank, southwest of Jenin Governorate.


Some of the daily terrorism of colonial gangs against the Palestinians

عصابات المستوطنين

Ramallah – Colonists storm the village of Jaljaliya, north of Ramallah Ramallah 5-24-2024 – Settlers stormed the village of Jaljaliya, northwest of the city of Ramallah. Jericho – Colonists seize dozens of sheep northwest of Jericho Jericho5/24/2024 – A number …


A new terrorist crime: Settlers attack a house and burn a vehicle south of Nablus

At dawn today, Monday, 5/13/2024, colonists attacked a Palestinian house and burned a vehicle in the village of Jalud, southeast of Nablus. A group of colonists attacked the village of Jalud, threw stones at one of the Palestinian homes, and …