Brutal torture against a Palestinian child led to injuries and bleeding

Commission of Detainees lawyer, Louay A’keh, revealed that Israeli soldiers and interrogators brutally tortured the child Sulaiman Salem al-Debs, 14 years, from’ Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem, who was arrested on 18/9/2017. He is in U’far prison.


A’ka, who visited the child and obtained an evidence upon oath, said that the prisoner was arrested at 3:00 am from his house after the soldiers stormed the house, terrorized them and destroyed its property. The soldiers took him outside the house and beat him and handcuffed with Iron handcuffs. The prisoner was taken to an interrogation center in Jabal Abu Ghneim settlement, where the interrogator used shouting and insults and threatened to arrest the child’s father and mother if he did not respond to them, and hit his head against the wall. Additionally, he beat him on his face and beat him against a wall near the house

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