Occupation routine in Hebron: Soldiers harass teachers and children at school

The Ziad Hamuda Jaber Elementary School for Boys is located in the Wadi a-Nasarah neighborhood of Hebron, about 50 meters from the road leading to the settlement of Kiryat Arba. Approximately 300 students attend the school. In order to reach the school, students and teachers must pass through a metal gate installed some 30 meters from the school, separating the neighborhood of Wadi a-Nasarah from the Jaber neighborhood. The gate is positioned on the so-called “Worshippers’ Route” that leads from Kiryat Arba to the Tomb of the Patriarchs (al-Haram a-Sharif). The gate prevents access by vehicles, but pedestrians are permitted to cross. Occasionally, and unpredictably, soldiers are stationed there and conduct random searches of passersby. 

Since 2002, the residents of the neighborhood have suffered from restrictions on their movement that affect both students and teachers at the school. Since 2015, some 30 students have been stopped and detained on their way to or from school.

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