Israeli violations against journalists since the beginning of 2018

Israeli violations against journalists

During January 2018, Israeli forces and authorities committed a total of 28 violations. Among the most prominent Israeli violations in this month was when a policeman attacked a Reuter’s photographer in Jerusalem by beating him on his head by a cudgel, causing a severe injury and concussion.

The Israeli occupation forces continued their policy of preventing coverage by detaining journalists at the scene. They also attacked some of them like what happened in more than one place in Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank.

During February 2018, the Israeli occupation forces committed a total of 27 attacks against media freedoms. Most of them were of severe types of violations against media freedoms and the journalists’ ability to do their jobs. The most prominent were four arrests and detains of journalists, eight injuries and physical assaults that targeted journalists during their work. Moreover, at least 12 journalists were exposed to detention and prevention of coverage in various cases during their field coverage of incidents, in addition to preventing a meeting of at least 18 journalists who had organized dinner in the occupied city of Jerusalem, as they were expelled, one of them was arrested and another was attacked during that activity.

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