Since Tuesday, July 8, 2014 Israeli army killed 24 citizens (7 children) and more than 170 were injured during the Israeli aggression on Gaza. – 08-07-2014

In KhanYounis, 7 citizens were murdered (3 children) and 20 citizens were injured during Israeli strikes again Kaware’ house in the south of Gaza. The martyrs in KhanYonis are: Reyad Mohammad Kaware’, Ammar Mohammad Jawdat 26-year-old, Hussein Yousef Kaware’ 13-year-old, Mohammad Ibrahim Kaware’ 50-year-old, Mohammad Ayman Ashour 15-year-old, Basem Salem Kaware’ 10-year-old and Baker Mohammad Joudeh 22-year-old.

6 Palestinian citizens were killed by Israeli air strikes in Beet Hanoun. IOF stroke a house belonging to Hafez Ahmad in Sekka St. killing 6 family members, they are: Hafez Mohammad Hamad 30-year-old, his brther Ibrahim 26-year-old, his brother Mahdi 46-year-old, his mother Fawzya Khaleel Hamad 62-year-old, Dina Mahdi 16-year-old and Suha Hamad (Hefez’s wife) 25-year-old.

In Gaza, 4 citizens were killed after IOF stroke their vehicle. In the neighborhood of al-Shuja’eya, The citizen Mohammad Najeeb and his son Musa were killed by Israeli air stikes.

The martyrs in Gaza are: Mohammad Shaaban 24-year-old, Amjad Shaaban 30-year-old, Khadir Abu Jabal 45-year-old, Mohammad Habeeb 22-year-old, Musa Habeeb 16-year-old, Ahmad Maher Mahdi 16-year-old, Fraj Eyad Abed Aal 8-year-old, Suliman Salman 22-year-old, Fahker Ayesh Ajouri 22-year-old and Rahad Yaseen 27-year-old.

In Rafah city, the citizens Abed al-Hadi al-Soufi 24-year-old was killed in Israeli air strikes.

IOF lunched a rocket toward a group of citizens in the area of Shwiki to the east of Rafah, killing Soufi and others.

Israeli warplanes targeted Omar Ben Abed al-Aziz mosque to the east of Khanyounis, and al-Huda mosque in the town of Khozaa.

Five Palestinian citizens were killed by Israeli soldiers after a military clash in the settlement of Zakeem near Gaza. During the clash only one Israeli soldier was injured.

Total of Israeli rockets fired by IOF on Gaza: 447 rockets.

Total of destroyed Palestinian houses in GaZA: 111.

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