Crimes of Jewish Terrorism against Palestinians Increased in 2018

In 2018, there was a sharp rise in cases of Jewish crime on the basis of nationality, with 482 incidents recorded in 2018, compared to 140 in 2017, wrote Israeli military analyst Amos Harel in Haaretz.

These incidents, carried out by Jewish extremist young settlers, on the basis of nationality, increased by three times in 2018, compared to 2017.

The majority of these crimes were focused in the West Bank, they were mostly cases of beatings against Palestinians, raiding Palestinian villages overnight, damaging agricultural property, cars, mosques, and writing threats and racial slogans on the walls of Palestinian homes in the West Bank.

Several Jewish terrorist groups, from extremist settlers in the West Bank, are behind these incidents, including the “Price-tag” group, the “Rebellion” group, the “hilltop boys” and the young men of the Yitzhar settlement.

Not only do these groups incite violence against the Arab population in Israel and the West Bank, they also carry out violence acts and assaults directly.

The majority of those arrested for crimes against Palestinians are released within days. No Jewish settler has been arrested or detained for a long time for such crimes.

Officially, this phenomenon is ignored, and a soft and friendly attitude towards the perpetrators of these Jewish crimes against the Palestinians on basis of nationality.

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