Pictures – Occupation Prevents Organizing the Golden Jubilee of Al-Maqased Hospital in Occupied Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem



Israeli army and intelligence attack the festival of Golden Jubilee of Al-Maqased Hospital, marking the anniversary of half-century long establishment of the hospital, located on Zaytoun mountain since 19876

Israeli police dispersed the festival and prevented attendees from attending al-Maqased college, while detained administrators and doctors and guests in the attached hall of the theater, before closing al-Maqased college until further notice.

Dr. Asaad Ramlawi said that what happened is a grave violation against a health institution that provides great medical services.

Director of the hospital, Bassam Abu Lebdeh, said “the event was social-scientific-medical aims to talk about the developments and achievements adobe during the past 50 years, but we were surprised with the raid and prohibition decision. It is a barbaric assault by the occupation army”.

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