Episode of Occupation’s Violations Continues 29 Palestinian Martyrs, 312 Injuries and 370 Detainees During May, 2019

A report by the international relations of the PLO indicated that 29 Palestinians were killed and 312 were injured by Israeli fire during May, 2019.

Among the 29 martyrs, 27 Palestinians in the Gaza strip were murdered during raids implemented by Israeli warplanes against civilians and residential buildings. Among them are a paramedic and 4 women (two were pregnant), as well as 4 children. In the meantime, two Palestinians were killed in the West Bank.

In the same period, Israeli occupation army wounded 312 Palestinians during attacks against Gaza, clashes, raids and suppression of peaceful protests in the areas under the threat of confiscation in favor of settlement.

The occupation army also arrested 370 Palestinians during the same period, many of them are children, 4 women and a citizen with special needs.

Occupation authorities issued administrative detention notices against 30 detainees during the second half of May.

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