(150)  violation against the media committed by the occupation during the first half of 2019

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) issued a report on violations of media freedoms in Palestine during the first half of this year 2019.

The report indicates 150 attacks committed by the Israeli occupation authorities during the first half of 2019

The report notes that the number of Israeli attacks documented in the first six months of 2019 still exceeds the overall average number of Israeli attacks in the past eight years.

The 150 Israeli attacks were two parts :

  • 91 attacks by the Israeli occupation authorities in the West Bank, including the occupied city of Jerusalem
  • 59 attacks in the Gaza Strip: 55 of the total Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip were considered as serious physical injuries, with live ammunition and direct gas bombs, as well as the destruction of two media institutions in the Gaza Strip.
  • The total number of physical assaults committed by the occupation army against journalists in the West Bank and Gaza were 88, representing 59% of all Israeli attacks, while four types of serious attacks (physical injuries, arrests, destruction of institutions and the use of journalists as human shields) represented 72% Of all Israeli attacks.

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