Picture – An Israeli Soldier Breaks Palestinian Woman’s Skull After She Tries To Protect Her 14-Year-Old Child From Arrest

Haarets newspaper reported on Tuesday 24-12-2019 that an Israeli soldier from the unit of “border police” broke a Palestinian woman’s skull after storming the town of Al-Aisaweyah, while she was trying to protect her 14-year-old child.
36-year-old Derbas said that the incident took place month and a half ago, while she was trying to protect her child from being arrest from her house. Soldiers hit her face and head with the back of the rife.
Mrs. Derbas was took into the hospital of Hadasa Ein Karem, while medical tests showed her skull and nose were broken. She underwent a complex surgery containing Platinum. she also underwent a nose cosmetic surgery .
The Israeli newspaper said that although Rena and her husband filed a complaint to Israeli occupation police, but investigators tried to convince her that we as hit with a rock hit by a Palestinian, while other times they tried to convince her that we was hit while a soldiers was trying to confront a rock thrown toward him.

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