An Israeli general: annexation of the West Bank has become urgent

The occupying power neglects no opportunity to deepen its expanding settlement policy and go farther to seize Palestinian rights. Even in the time of (Corona) pandemic which the occupation takes advantage of in order to call for implementing settlement projects at the expense of Palestinian rights.

“The imposition of Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank has become urgent, given that Israel finds itself at a historic crossroads,” said the Israeli general Amir Avivi, head of the “Security in the Service of Israel” movement, in his article in the Israel Today newspaper.

Avivi added: “It is perhaps the first time worldwide that the United States announces a political plan that allows Israel to impose its sovereignty on its eastern borders in the Jordan Valley region and West Bank settlements.”

He stressed that “it is important to say that in the Middle Eastern reality, the imposition of sovereignty requires unilateral action, as happened in the Golan and Jerusalem, and claiming that this matter requires understandings and compromises with the United States is an intentional ignorance to assume historical responsibility.”

He concluded by saying that “today, during the era of Corona, the issue of imposing Israeli sovereignty on the West Bank becomes more and more important, because the spread of corona in a country like Jordan is enough to make it witness a state of security and political chaos, which means turning its borders with the West Bank into a fertile environment for security instability,” and the outbreak of armed operations against Israel.”

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