Arrests of Civilians – 08-07-2014

Jenin – IOF arrested Ali Fawaqah, Ahmad Mamdouh Qarout, Abed Al-Kareem Ameerah, Mamdouh Qarout, Mahmoud Abu Ghannam, Mansour Shweki 14-year0old, Tamer Sarhan, Mohammad Qanebi, Nour al-Deen Zaghal 16-year-old, Mohammad Khaled Sarhan 16-year-old, Hatem Shweki 17-year-old, Shareef Abu Rmeeli 16-year-old, Ali Qaq 22-year-old, Mohammad Abu Teer 20-year-old, Mustafa Abu Teer, Wajde Tarshan, Moath Hamdan, Khaldoun Sarhan and Samah Sarhan.

Ramallah – IOF erected a checkpoint at the entrance of Aboud village and arrested Ali Hussein 20-year-old, Mohammad Hassan 19-year-old and Usama Bassam 22-year-old.

Tulkarm – IOF raided the village of Baqa Al-Sharqeya and arrested Anas Jaser Omar 16-year-old.

Tulkarm – IOF arrested Sobhe Issam Debas 21-year old at Innab military checkpoint.

Nablus – IOF arrested Ali Waked Walweel from al-Faraa refugee camp.

Bethlehem – IOF raided the town of Hussan and stormed a number of houses and arrested Mohammad Helmi Jaber 50-year-old.

Bethlehem – IOF raided the town of Taqou to the north of Bethlehem and arrested Bilal Adel Abu Mefreh 23-year-old and Rakan Dakhl Allah 22-year-old.

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