Weekly report on Israeli violations in the occupied Palestinian territory From (16-07-2020 – 22 -07-2020)

Weekly report on Israeli violations in the occupied Palestinian territory

From (16-07-2020 – 22 -07-2020)


The Israeli occupation forces continued to commit their compound crimes and violations against Palestinian civilians and their property in the occupied Palestinian territory, by storming Palestinian cities and what permeates that of violating the right to life and physical safety. Additionally, since the announcement of the annexation plan for the West Bank lands, including occupied Jerusalem, the occupation authorities continue the operations of demolition and levelling, and building settlement roads, at an accelerated pace.


  • (5) Palestinians, including a child, were injured in the excessive use of force by the occupation army in the West Bank.
  • The occupation army fired (4) times towards agricultural land and (3) times towards fishing boats in the east and west of Gaza Strip.
  • The Occupation Army arrested (65) Palestinians, including (4) children and a woman.
  • The occupation intelligence services stormed Yabous Cultural Center and Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in occupied East Jerusalem and seized thousands of documents and devices belonging to the two centers.
  • The occupation demolished (5) houses, (2) of which were by their owners, and destroyed a car washer, agricultural rooms and property, and handed over many notifications to stop construction and demolition in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem.
  • (3) Palestinians were injured and their bicycles were stolen by settler gangs near Ramallah.
  • The occupation army set up (23) sudden military checkpoints between the cities and towns of the West Bank, which hindered the natural movement of Palestinians.

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