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Video – Picture: Occupation Soldiers Storm an Ambulance and Tries to Forcibly Get a Wounded Palestinian out of it While Receiving Treatment

When Your Foe doesn’t respect the minimum principles of the international humanitarian law, you will be a target even if you are receiving treatment inside an ambulance. This is what happened on Tuesday 24.11.2020 near the northern Jordan valley next to the military checkpoint of Tyaseer. Dozens of Palestinians and Israelis participated in a demonstration protesting against the Jordan valley annexation plan and against the oppression practiced by the occupation state against Palestinian residents: Confiscation of agricultural machineries, evacuation of Palestinians from presidential complexes under the pretext of conducting military trainings beside their houses and farms, as well as demolishing the complex of Humsa in the northern Jordan Valley in early November.

During this assault, soldiers fired stun grenades and tear gas as well as metal and rubber bullets toward the demonstrators. As a result of this, two dozens of the protestors suffered suffocation, while a demonstrator was wounded with a “rubber” bullet, and another one was hit directly by a gas grenade.

About 13:00, the citizen Fadi Wahdan (25 year old) was wounded with a “rubber” bullet in his stomach and then moved into an ambulance. While paramedics were treating him inside the ambulance, a number of soldiers came and opened doors of the ambulance, and tried to forcibly get him out.

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