Arrests of Civilians 04-09-2014

Jenin- The Israeli forces arrested the youth Abed Al-Jabbar A’qaab Nfeia’at (27 years), after raiding his family’s home and searching it, and the citizen Mohyi Ad-Dein Mahmoud Zeid, and the citizen Ahmed Ali Mohamed Hamarsheh from Ya’bad town, they also arrested Mohammed Hussein Mahmoud Sheibani from his home in A’rraba village.

Qalqilia- The Israeli forces arrested the citizens Mahdi Basim Labhatt (24 years), and Ahmed Omar Tayseir Salama (19 years). They also arrested the released prisoner Ahmed Abdel-Latif Abu Haniyyeh (22 years) from A’zzun town.

Nablus- The Israeli forces set up military checkpoints in the vicinity of the area and the western entrance to Beit Hassan area and arrested the youth I’ssa Asa’ad Kassab, 23 years, from An-Nasiriyyah area.

Tulkarem- The Israeli forces arrested Mohammed Jawad Fathi Qafeini (21 years), after it conducted a wide inspection inside his house, and the citizen Mohammed Jnagerih from Talluzah.

Bethlehem- The occupation forces stormed Husan village and raided the houses of the citizens and inspected them before they arrested the three youths: Mahmoud Ishaaq Sabatin (19 years), Mohammed Faris Suleiman (20 years), and Mohammed Ismail Sabatin (20 years).

Hebron- The Israeli forces arrested three citizens from Hebron city after raiding several neighborhoods in the city, the youths are: Samer Al-Qawasmi, Arqam Ahmarw and Ayman Hashlamon.

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