Arrests of Civilians 11-09-2014

Jenin- IDF arrested a number of citizens belonging to the family of Nawasrah, in the town of Fahmeh: Ibrahim Mohammed, Mohammaed Tayseer, Mohammed Ahmad, Ibrahem Hassan. IDF also arrested the brothers Khaled, Mohammad, Hamza, Emad and Waleed Nassar, Mohammad Atef Mara’beh, Nedal Omar Mara’beh, Jodi Mustafa Mara’beh, Ibrahim Hassan Mjedel, Ayesh Mara’beh, Yousef Ayman Sa’abneh, Shadi Hussein Sa’abneh, Nazmi Bilal Sa’abneh, Abdullah Ahmad Sa’abneh, Nizar Omar Mara’beh, Ghassan Omar Mara’beh, Jawad Nayef Shafeeq Mara’beh, Wajdi Mustafa Mara’beh, Ibrahim Omar Ayesh Mara’beh, Mohammed Mash-hoor Sa’abneh, Arafat Mwafaq Saabneh, Mohannad Hesham Saabneh and Ali Ahmad Ali Nawasrah.

Jenin- IDF arrested Three Children from the town of Kofrazan, They are Mohammad Ad Abed 16-year-old, Faraj Jaafar Abed 16-year-old and Mohammed Mo’ayad Abed 17-year-old.

Jenin- IDF arrested the citizen Nemer Khaleel Zaid Kilani from the town of Yaabad.

Jenin- IDF, at Karama military checkpoint, arrested Tawfeeq Refaat Rabayaah from the town of Maythaloon, during his return from Jordan.

Jenin- IDF, at Hamra checkpoint, arrested Asaad Saleh Mersal Abu Arra and Musa Ahmad Nawawrah.

Nablus- IDF arrested the citizen Hamza Salam Dasouqi from the town of Burqa.
Hebron- IDF arrested the child Mohammed Hussein Mustafa Abu Maria 16-year-old who was wounded last night by the Israeli bullets.

Hebron- IDF stormed the city of Hebron and arrested Mahmoud Majed Sghayer 24-year-old from the area of Farsh al-Hawa, Ghazi Saleh Olian Rfaye’ah 40-year-old from the area of Wadi Saman. IDF also stormed a number of houses in the area of Abu Ktela and Mahjar.

Hebron- IDF arrested Fares Abu Arqoup, Mo’taz Masalmeh and Hammam Boujeh from the city of Hebron.

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