2203 Palestinian Children Killed by the Israeli Occupation Since 2000

The Palestinian Children Day – corresponding to 5 April every year – comes while the occupation state is still violating the basic rights of the Palestinian children, including their right in life, education, freedom, and living in peace.

2203 Martyrs From Children

The International Movement for Defending Children – Palestine has documented that 2203 Palestinian children were killed by the Israeli occupation forces since the year of 2000.

78 Martyr Children During 2021

According to the records of the International Movement for Defending Children in Palestine, 78 children were killed during 2021, including 17 martyrs in the West Bank and 61 martyrs in the Gaza Strip: 26 children between (0 – 8) years, 17 children between (9-12) years, 20 children between (14 – 15 years), 15 children between (16 – 17) years.

160 Children Prisoners in the Israeli Occupation Prisons

Palestinian Prisoners’ Society data issued until the end of February 2022 indicate that there are 4.400 prisoners and detainees in the occupation prisons, including 160 children who live in circumstances contradicting the International law and Children’ Right convention, being denied from their childhood and education.

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