Injuries of Civilians 19-09-2014

Ramallah – The citizen Ashraf Abu Rahma was injured after Israeli occupation forces supressed Bil’in weekly peaceful march against the apartheid wall and land confiscation, in addition to injuring dozens with suffocation due to inhaling tear gas.

Ramallah- Dozens of demonstrators were injured with suffocation and slight injuries by rubber-coated bullets, after the Israeli occupation forces suppressed An-Nabi Saleh weekly peaceful march against settlement and land confiscation.

Ramallah- The occupation forces caused injuries to dozens of people with suffocation when they attacked citizens who were performing Friday prayers in agricultural areas near the annexation apartheid wall in Ni’lin town. The occupation forces fired a barrage of stun grenades and poison gas toward the worshipers, and prevented citizens from conducting a demonstration toward the wall, causing clashes in the western region of the town, during which dozens suffered from suffocation.

Bethlehem- A large number of citizens were injured with suffocation in clashes with Israeli forces in Wadi Fukin village when the occupation intercepted a mass march after Friday prayers towards the vicinity of schools to condemn the policy of occupation aimed at looting 1500 acres recently.

Bethlehem- The occupation forces suppressed Al-Ma’sara weekly march against the apartheid wall and settlement expansion. The Israeli occupation forces prevented the participants from reaching the site of the wall construction and assaulted them.

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