Arrests of Civilians 21-09-2014

Jerusalem – The Israeli police arrested four women and two children from Damascus Gate area in Jerusalem. The Israeli police arrested the female citizen Zahia Nimir in the sixties, and Mona Biyyaa’ who was accompanied by her relatives (a girl whose age is 8 years and a 13-year-old boy), two other women were also arrested, they have not been identified yet.

Nablus – The occupation forces stormed Nablus city and arrested the university professor Raed Badawiyya who holds a French citizenship.

Nablus- The occupation forces stormed Beit Iba town and arrested the citizen: Mohamed Khair Saba’neh.

Jenin – The Israeli forces stormed Araqa village and arrested the citizen: Mahmoud Tawfiq Yahya, 21 years, after raiding his family’s home and searching it.

Bethlehem- The Israeli forces arrested three Palestinians from Walaja village while they were trying to enter Jerusalem, they are: Hamza Saleh Ma’ali 28 years, Mohamed Salah Ma’ali, 20 years, and Baha Karim Abu At-Tein, 24years.

Hebron – The occupation forces stormed Beit Ummar town and arrested the citizen: Waheid Hassan Sabarneh, 23 years, and searched several houses in the town. They also stormed Al-A’rroub camp and Hebron city and arrested the two citizens: Faris At-Titi and Ahmed Qawasmi after searching their homes and tampering with their contents.

Hebron- The occupation forces stormed Yatta town and searched the house of the citizen Ra’afat Mahir Al-U’drah, and arrested his brother Mohammed 22 years.

Hebron- The occupation forces, positioned at “Al-Container’ checkpoint, the citizen: Zakariyya Abed Al-Hamid Ahmed Aweidat, 54 years from Hebron governorate and took him to ‘Etzion’ Camp.

Hebron- The Israeli police arrested the citizen Zuhdi Abed Ar-Rahman Mahfouz, 55 years, from Al-A’rroub camp, while he was within the territory in 1948, and took him to the hospital for a cardiac stroke during his arrest.

Hebron- The Israeli forces arrested the citizen Ahmed Mohamed Murshid Awad (26 years), from Beit Ummar when reviewed the occupation Intelligence ‘Etzion’ Camp.

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