Arrests of Civilians 29-09-2014

Jerusalem- Israeli police arrested the citizens: Rania Abu al-Hawa, Islam Abu Sneneh and her husband, from al-Aqsa mosque yards.

Tulkarm- Israeli occupation forces stormed the city of Tulkarm and its refugee camp and the village of Zita and Izbat al-Jarad before arresting Mohammed Yahya Mohammed Zamel 31-year-old.

Qalqilia- Israeli occupation forces stormed the village of Qarawet Bani Hassan and arrested Mo’men Mari 19-year-old, Adnan Mari 19-year-old, Shaher Rayyan 24-year-old, Mash-hor Rayan 21-year-old, Yazan Asi 17-year-old and Yasser Asi 18-year-old.

Jericho- Israeli occupation forces arrested Mohamed Abed al-Kareem Touri 26-year-old at a military checkpoint near the city of Jericho.

Bethlehem- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Housan and arrested Mahdi Hussein Hamamreh 21-year-old after breaking into his house.

Hebron- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Doura and arrested Nu’man Ahmad Darabee. They also stormed the towns of Bani Naeem and Izna before arresting the citizens Anas Amouri and Nabeel Tmeezi.

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