Arrests of Civilians 05-08-2014

IDF arrested Samer Abu Eshe 24-year-old from the area of Bab al-Amoud.
IDF stormed the town of Safa and arrested Jehad Mohammad Mansour.
IDF arrested arrested Mahmoud Jameel Mohammad Hussein 25-year-old from Jenin refugee camp.

IDF stormed Jenin refugee camp and arrested Razeen Belal Damaj 20-year-old, Mahmoud Jameel Abu Kamel 21-year-old and Mohammad Fawzi Damaj 20-year-old.
IDF arrested Ihsan Suliman Barghouthi.
IDF stormed the town of Azoun and arrested Qusi Shaher Saleem 22-year-old.
IDF stormed Aidah refugee camp and fired bullets and stun grenades before arresting Abed al-Rahman Rasheed Abu Srour.

IDF arrested Ghassan Ibrahim Zawahreh 33-year-old from Duhesha refugee camp.

IDF arrested Salem Mohammad Barbari 14-year-old.
IDF stormed al-Fuwar refugee camp and arrested Qusi Ayman Teti.

IDF arrested ex-detainee Ibrahim Jaber.

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