Arrests of Civilians 02-11-2014

Jerusalem- The occupation forces stormed the neighborhood of Wade Aljouz and were stationed in the streets and at the entrance of alleys, which led to confrontations with young people, and during that the forces fired stun grenades and rubber bullets heavily toward the residents, and arrested three young men. They are: Moataz Klgasi 19, and Mohammed Abu Dalw 24, Zakaria Herbawi 25.

Jerusalem- The Israeli police arrested Ms. Hanadi Al-Halawani, while leaving Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Bethlehem- The occupation forces arrested the freed presoner Hussein Saleh Abu Aker from Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem. Occupation stormed the camp around two in the morning, and began storming houses and searching them. While that the occupation handed a number of young men notifications to review the Israeli intelligence in Kfar Etzion after storming different parts of the province, one of those young men Raafat Abayat, wounded and sitting in wheel chairs, whom occupation confiscated his personal computer and phone, in addition to the freed prisoner Ahmed Atta from the Saf Street, and the freed presoners Hamdi Hamid and Orabi Jawarish.

Hebron- The occupation forces arrested Mahmoud Awad Mohammed Mosleh (26 years), one of the young players in Beit Ummar Sports Club, in Football Team.

Hebron- The occupation forces also arrested from the town of Beit Ula west of Hebron the citizen Raed Abdel Al’afw O’umleh after searching his house and tampering with its contents.

Hebron- The Israeli forces arrested the young man from the city of Hebron Moataz Taysser Natsheh after searching his house and tampering with its contents.

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