Injuries of Civilians 08-11-2014

Nablus -Three young men were wounded with various injuries when the Israeli occupation forces fired live bullets at them at Hawara checkpoint. The occupation forces fired dozens of tear gas and sound bombs at the youths as well as live ammunition and rubber bullets, wounding three young men who were transferred to Rafidia Hospital for treatment, the injured youths are: Yazan Mohammed Fares, 17 years, a rubber bullet in his foot, Khaled Iyad Habash, 14 years, rubber bullets in his thigh and Rifa’at Bilal Nuri, 16 years, metal bullets.

Nablus-Clashes erupted between dozens of youths and Israeli forces in Beit Furik, east of Nablus, and so some of the youths were injured with suffocation due to inhaling tear gas.

Nablus- Three youths were injured with rubber bullets Al-Birka checkpoint, they are: Yazan Hidi, Raafat Nuri, and Khaled Habash.

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