Arrests of Civilians 13-11-2014

Jerusalem- Israeli occupation forces arrested four children from Jerusalem and sent them in investigation stations in the city. These are: the minor Muslem Musa Oudeh 14-year-old from al-Bustan neighborhood, the child Ihab Hamdan from the area of Ra’s al-Amoud in the town of Silwan, the child Wajeeh Makyeah and the child Mohammad Abu Lafi from the neighborhood of Suwana.

Hebron- Israeli occupation forces arrested the female Aidah Ahmad Jabreen from the town of Sa’eer.

Ramallah- Israeli occupation forces raided the towns of Qarawet Bani Zeid and Kherbta al-Mesbah and arrested Mohammad Raja Nmour, Qasem Nabeel Arar, Shaheer Ayesh Nahnoun and Ra’fat Yousef Injas.

Jenin- Israeli occupation forces arrested Qadoura Wah-sh 23-year-old from the Jenin refugee camp.

Nablus- Israeli occupation forces raided the entrance of Loban Sharqeya town and arrested Belal Saleh Hasan 27-year-old.

Salfit- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Dir Balout and arrested Tareq Rasheed Abu al-Kheir, Wahbi Kayed Suliman, Sami Ali Abdullah and Dawood Khaled Abdullah.

Tulkarm- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Bet Leed and arrested Alaa Mohammad Na’na, Ammar Khaled Rayes, Ahmad Nidal Rashed and Mohannad Ahmad Duredi.

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