Injuries of Civilians 14-11-2014

Jerusalem – One citizen was injured in his leg with a metal bullet, and dozens of citizens suffered from suffocation with tear gas, in confrontations with the Israeli occupation forces on Qalandiya checkpoint, north of Jerusalem. The march launched with the participation of hundreds of young men and a number of foreign activists after Friday prayers in front of Qalandia refugee camp towards the checkpoint, raising the Palestinian flags before the soldiers stationed at the checkpoint, the soldiers attacked the march by firing rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas heavily to disperse them, which led to the injury of dozens of cases with suffocation, they were treated in the field.

Jerusalem- The child Saleh Mahmud (11 years), was shot with rubber-coated metal bullet at his nose near his eye, his injury is very serious that he needed two operations in his left eye lasted for more than 10 hours, but the doctors in the hospital ‘Hadassah Ein Karem’ reported ‘that the possibility to see is zero ‘, the child now is in the intensive care unit and he will need a long treatment as he has fractures in the skull and needs several operations.

Jerusalem- The girl Mayar Imran Tawfiq An-Natshih, 10 years, was injured with a rubber bullet in her head, as she was passing in the car of her grandfather Nitham An-Natshih near Shuafat occupational checkpoint. The child has a fracture in her skull and was transferred to Hadassah Hospital, Issawiyya, the rubber bullet went through the car’s windshield, causing the glass to break and injuring the child Mayar.

Jerusalem- Seven youths were injured with rubber-coated metal bullets, and dozens with suffocation due to inhaling tear gas in the violent clashes that erupted at the northern entrance to Ar-Ram town. The Israeli occupation forces closed the main entrance to the town, and fired live ammunition and rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas towards the youths.

Ramallah – The occupation forces prevented citizens from entering or leaving Sinjel village, after violent clashes broke out between youths and Israeli forces led to the injury of five youths, including Muhammad Masalmih who was injured in his hand.

Nablus – A boy (15 years) was injured with a bullet in his thigh, in addition to a number of other young men who suffered from suffocation during clashes at the Hawara checkpoint, the clashes erupted between Israeli soldiers and a number of young men, and they resulted in casualties in the region.

Nablus- The Israeli occupation forces severely beat the two young men Wazan U’dih and Radwan Khammus from Hawara town after a raid on the town.

Bethlehem- A number of citizens in Aida refugee camp suffocated during confrontations with the occupation forces, where clashes erupted between youths and Israeli forces in Al-Muftah area at the eastern entrance of the camp, the Israeli occupation fired metallic bullets, tear gas and stun grenades, injuring a number of citizens with suffocation.

Hebron – The Israeli occupation forces suppressed the participants in the effectiveness of Solidarity with owners whose land is threatened with confiscation east of Seir town. A settler also tried to run over the activist Younis Arar from Beit Ummar town, one of the participants in this peaceful event. The Israeli forces launched stun grenades and smoke bombs towards dozens of citizens and foreign activists and peace activists during their participation in this event when the demonstrators tried to access to the land threatened with confiscation by the Israeli authorities, the land is near A’mos settlement, northeast of Seir, injuring a number of them with suffocation due to inhaling tear gas after being targeted by the occupation forces.

Hebron- Five youths were injured by live ammunition in foot and another young man in his neck by shrapnel during clashes between Palestinian youths and Israeli soldiers in the southern region of Hebron city.

Hebron- The Israeli occupying forces stationed in the vicinity of the Ibrahimi Mosque assaulted the citizen Hani Abu Jhishi, from Ithna town, and injured him with bruises and contusions, he was taken for treatment in the Hebron Governmental Hospital.

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