Arrests 11-06-2015

Jerusalem: The occupation forces arrested five boys, during the ongoing arrests taking place in Issawiya town, in the center of Jerusalem, the arrests included: Tariq Kharouf 16 years, Saleh Abu Assab 16 years, Hossam Olayan 16 years, Laith Darwish, 17 years and the boy Younis Alyan 19 years, the five detainees were taken to detention and interrogation center known as the ‘Russian Compound’ west Jerusalem.

Hebron: Israeli occupation forces arrested three citizens from Beit Ummar town, they are: Salah Ibrahim Ahmed Za’aqiq (38 years), and Mohammed Saleh Ahmed Za’aqiq (20 years), they also arrested the head of Beit Ummar Sports Club, the lawyer Iyad Hussein Hassan Akhalil (35 years), at the ‘Container’ checkpoint, North Bethlehem.
Nablus: Israeli occupation forces arrested a young man after raiding his home in Aynabus village, south of Nablus.

Jenin: Israeli occupation forces arresteda young man from Jenin, security sources told “Wafa” that the occupation forces arrested Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Hija (19 years), after raiding his family’s home in Sikka district in Jenin.

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