Attacks and Incursions 07-11-2015

Jerusalem: Israeli occupation forces prevented on Saturday the civil defense crews in Anata center, in occupied East Jerusalem, from dealing with a traffic accident and saving the driver of a truck overturned on Anata – Al-Eizariya road.
Hebron: The Israeli occupation forces stormed today, the youth center against settlement, in Tel Armidah neighborhood, in Hebron.
Hebron: Israeli forces broke into several houses in Hebron, known of them, the house of Nidal Taha in ‘Jruon Jarad’ area, and inspected it and prevented its residents from leaving.
Hebron: The Israeli occupation soldiers stormed on yesterday evening seneral Palestinian houses in Beit Ainun area, east of Hebron, and fired heavily at the site. Witnesses said that Israeli forces seized cameras from the homes of citizens and shops belonging to Eskafi, I’eda and Ghanem families. They also caused material damage to homes and properties during the inspection process.
Hebron: An Israeli soldier fired bullets, yesterday evening, directly towards a vehicle driven by a citizen of Yatta town, on the bypass road near Halhul town, north of Hebron.
Ramallah: Israeli occupation soldiers assaulted, late yesterday evening, two citizens, and abused them, after a traffic accident to their vehicle Ramallah – Nablus Road.
Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces installed surveillance cameras at the northern entrance to Tekoa town, east of Bethlehem.
Nablus: Security sources said that the Israeli occupation forces stormed A’warta village, east of Nablus, and arrested Tariq Raja Abd Darwashah, 29 years.
Nablus: Occupation forces stormed Nablus, and arrested the youth Firas Kamil al-Zubaidi, 27 years, before its withdrawal from the city.

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