Closures and Checkpoints 21-11-2015

Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces handed over two young men from Za’atara and Al-Khadir towns in Bethlehem, two communications to review its intelligence. A source said that the occupation forces handed the young man Salih Moses Thweib (25 years), from Za’atara, east of Bethlehem, a communication to review the Israeli intelligence in Gush Etzion settlement complex.
Hebron: Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of searches and arrests in the areas of Beit A’wwa, Deir Samet and Dura, and some neighborhoods of Hebron. They arrested 15 citizens and they announced Eliasiriyyah area as a closed military zone.
Hebron: Occupation forces stormed Deir Samet town, southwest of Hebron, and arrested each of Riad Mahmoud Hussein Al-Hrub, Adam Arafat U’dah Al-Hrub, and Mohammed Abdul Qader Al-Hrub.
Hebron: Israeli forces raided several neighborhoods in Hebron and the towns of Deir Samet and Beit A’wwa, and erected military checkpoints in several districts in Hebron, and on the north entrance ‘Jouret Bahlas’, and at the entrances to Halhul and Seir towns. They stopped vehicles, inspected, and checked in citizens’ identity cards.
Hebron: Israeli occupation forces closed several roads adjacent to Hebron- Jerusalem Street near Beit Ummar town, a source said, “The occupation forces closed with heavy Bulldozers several roads adjacent to Hebron- Jerusalem Street, near the entrance of Beit Ummar with sand barriers.

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